Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It Was Summer Time in Northern Michigan...

I have been having WAY too much fun playing shows this summer! I feel like I keep starting every blog off by saying that, but it's so true! Every time we get the opportunity to share a stage with an amazing band, play an awesome show or festival and meet so many new folks, I am just blown away. So I apologize if I sound like a broken record...but holy smokes am I thankful! 

On Thursday, July 25th, we got to open for The Farm at the Charlevoix Venetian Festival. When we arrived we were thrilled to see a cool backstage area with lots of FOOOOOD. Ha! Anyone who knows the Kari Lynch Band knows that the best way to make us happy is to give us food and then let us play music. :) Meridian Entertainment, who were promoting the event, took fantastic care of us. I'm grateful to get to play shows with them. The are spectacular to work with and wonderful people. <3 

A little pre-show silliness :) 

Me and Sammie "Pants" right about to hit the stage.

What an fantastic show! Such a beautiful crowd who were awesome to us and just the prettiest town. Charlevoix looks like a painting. On one side you have the downtown area which is adorable and has cool little shops and on the other you have an insane view of the lake. We could not have had better weather for the show. The band shell where we performed sits right on the water. I kept looking around while on stage and I was in awe of how pretty everything was. 

 Beautiful crowd! Thank you for being awesome, Charlevoix!

The Farm rockin' it out on stage.

The Farm was so good! I loved their high energy performance and how much they appreciated the crowd. You can tell that they really love what they do and GOODNESS are they talented. My girl, Krista Marie killed some Patsy Cline. She sang "Crazy" like it was nobody's business. All three members are fantastic singers and musicians. I love how each of their talents stand out on their own, but still work together so well as a band. It wasn't like there was one star of the group. They all rocked an insane amount. I got to chat with each of them after the show and they're really nice folks as well. It makes my heart happy to see nice people working hard in this business because they love to do it. I wish them all the luck in the world (though they definitely don't need it) and I'm hoping that we'll get to share a stage with them again soon. We have a high energy show and I felt like our two bands fit really well together. By the way, Their new single, "Be Grateful" is out now and it's an awesome song. Check it out! 

After the show we got to meet a ton of people. Thank you guys for coming to say hello afterward and for coming to the meet and greet before the show. It was awesome to walk out to the merch table after our show and see a line of folks waiting to say hello and get CD's / T-shirts signed. That made my night. <3

After show shenanigans...geeeeez. 

We stayed in Charlevoix for the rest of the night since we were playing just down the road in Cheboygan the very next day. The hotel we were booked at was superb. It had beautiful views of the water and everyone on staff were so sweet to us. I loved the sign they had in the lobby when we entered. Thank you Weathervan Terrace Inn! Beautiful hotel and so accommodating. Hope we get to visit again soon! 

We found pizza at one of the Vendors after our show...this made us very happy. 

By the way...notice that "someone" moved the 'N' out of the word "band" to make "bad" bandmates think they're pretty funny sometimes. :P 

The next morning, Matt, Sammie and I were up super early to shoot a morning segment with 9&10 News. Even though my eyes did not want to be awake at 6am after a very long day the day before, I was super happy to get to see the 9&10 News staff again. The last time I got to work with them was about two years ago when we opened for The Band Perry at the Clare County Fair. It also helped that Charlevoix is stunning in the early morning hours. The segment was a blast! We did some interviewing and played a handful of original songs all against the gorgeous backdrop of Charlevoix, Michigan...not a bad way to start the day. Thank you for having us 9&10 News! You guys are awesome and we had so much fun shooting with you! 

Make sure you tune in Friday morning (August 2nd) to catch the longer segment that we shot which wasn't aired live. It will feature 8 original songs and more interviewing. :) 

Singin' on the news...

 "The Trio" doing some early morning interviewing and song singin' :) 

With Stephanie from 9&10 News - Such a sweetheart! 

After the segment with 9&10 News we walked around town a bit, grabbed some tasty lobster bisque soup from a little restaurant and then we hit the road to Cheboygan, Michigan to rock the tunes at the Cheboygan Music Festival later that night. 

Unfortunately when we arrived in town it started pouring rain. It truly went from this stunning sunshiny day to cold, wet and a little miserable in an instant. I felt terrible for the folks setting up the event and all the vendors. They were fighting pretty hard against the wind to keep things from blowing around. The stage and all the seating was covered though so that was super duper. Luckily we found a couple vintage stores and local pubs to keep us out of the rain and pass the time before we hit the stage. Cheboygan had a neat downtown area as well. Lots of unique shops. :) 

Rainy, rainy

Right before our set was supposed to start the storm got a little crazy. For a minute I was sure we'd have to postpone because the wind picked up a ton and there were safety concerns. But, just as the weather had changed so quickly earlier in the day, all of a sudden about 5 songs in it was beautiful again. The wind died down and it turned out to be super comfortable weather for an outdoor show. I was incredibly happy and so amped to see how many people stuck it through. In the beginning of the day I was thinking that the weather might keep a lot of folks at home. They were troopers in Cheboygan though! What we thought might be a miserable performance for everyone was an absolute blast! We had the best time dancing and singing with everyone. It meant a lot that everyone stuck around and we had such a big crowd. Thank you to those who were at that show. You guys were great to us and we so appreciated the awesome welcome you gave us!

Rockin' the Cheboygan Music Festival. So fun! 

It was also a super sweet night because some of my family showed up and totally surprised me! I grew up in Clare, Michigan (the gateway to the north) so it isn't too far of a drive for my family. I had no idea they were coming though and it totally made my night to see them! xo

My cousin, aunt, momma, and sistergirl surprised me by showing up in Cheboygan. 

LOVE!! <3

 So many awesome kids at the Cheboygan Music Festival. This little lady was such a sweetie. <3

Thank you to everyone who came over to say hello and pick up our Cd or some of our merchandise. It's the coolest feeling to travel to a town where most people don't know who you are when you get there, and get to leave with so many new friends. Northern Michigan treated us SO WELL. The weekend could not have been more fun and we have YOU GUYS to thank for that. <3 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 


I've had a ton of folks ask me where I got my horse necklace that I have been wearing to a lot of shows recently. It's from Forever 21 and it's a steal for how cute it is! Here is a link if anyone is interested in finding it online. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Rockin' Faster Horses Festival, Opening for Tyler Farr...awesome week!

Hi guys! I am sitting here on Monday afternoon trying to find words to explain how awesome last week was and how thankful I am to have been able to experience it. 

It all started on Thursday, July 18. We had the opportunity to open for, Tyler Farr at The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI. The Intersection has and will always be one of my very favorite venues to play. I love the feel of that venue. There is not a bad seat in the house. We can rock with a huge crowd and then get to meet you all afterward. The Intersection has been wonderful to us over the past few years and Thursday was no exception. The crew, sound guys and everyone working showed us so much hospitality. I appreciate that immensely and it goes such a long way with me and the guys.  

My day started at Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids. Cheeky Strut has been wonderful and such a blessing. They have been doing my hair and makeup for all of our bigger events, photo shoots, interviews, TV appearances...etc. for the past couple years and I couldn't be more thankful for them. They do an amazing job and are absolutely the best salon and crew in Grand Rapids. Lisa Mead and Sara Catherine at Cheeky Strut did my hair and makeup for the show with, Tyler Farr. I loved it! 

Lisa (Makeup Artist) at Cheeky Strut is Incredible! I was obsessed with the eye makeup she did for me!

Stylist - Sara Catherine making my hair all big and curly. :) 

The show that night was SO MUCH fun! It was about a billion and a half degrees on that stage, but you guys honestly made me forget about that because you had so much energy. I am still not over hearing you all sing my original songs back to me. That was incredible. You have no idea how much that means to me and the feeling that I get hearing and seeing you do that. It's the best feeling in the world you guys. I can't ever say, thank you enough for that. 

Rockin' the Intersection in Grand Rapids to an AWESOME crowd! 

Our friends in the Michigan based band, Wreckless played that night as well opening the show before us. They did a great job and are a really nice group of guys. After we played, Tyler Farr hit the stage and put on a sweet show. I really like, Tyler Farr. I think he's a wonderful songwriter, singer and performer. He and his band and crew were all super nice and so fun to share a stage with. I see him going far in this business. Very nice guy!
 With, Tyler Farr after the show - Cool dude! 

Tyler Farr and his band rockin' the Intersection stage. 

I loved meeting all of YOU as well. It was great to see familiar faces out in the crowd and wonderful to meet so many new folks! Thank you all for showing me and my guys so much love! You guys are just hands down the best fans ever and I love you to the moon! <3 
This is, Trevor. He is awesome and I adore him! So so sweet & nice!

 Getting a proposal...I told him that he needed to at least take me on a proper date first. ;)

                Loved seeing theses shirts at our show! Just Awesome! <3               

My car got branded again! You guys make me smile so big. :D

Awesome Night. 

The next day we headed over to Fifth Third Ball Park to play the Taste of Grand Rapids with B-93.7 Country Radio and, Aaron Tippin. Even though it was another scorcher outside, we had a wonderful time meeting some new folks and seeing friends at the show. It was a great night of country music and good food! :)


To end this AMAZING week, on Sunday we got to be a part of the first ever Faster Horses Festival in Brooklyn, Michigan. This was the BEST day. So thankful that we were able to be a part of this amazing country festival with awesome artists, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley, Florida Georgia Line, Jerrod Niemann, Thomas Rhett, Thomson Square, Chase Rice...just to name a few. Whew! 


The show was a blast! Our set went by so fast because I was having so much fun with you guys. Thank you for giving us an awesome welcome to the Faster Horses Festival. Y'all were so fun and so lively. I love Michigan country music fans! They just know how to have a good time and how to keep the party going. You guys are relentless and fantastic and I love you! 

 Alex the MC wearing a Kari Lynch shirt and welcoming us to the stage


 Rockin' The Faster Horses Festival

 Y'all are absolutely the greatest!

 So fun! Rockin' my Bonafide Tough Girl tank on stage

I have to say for a first year festival this one was incredible. I kept forgetting that this was their first year doing the festival because of how well organized everything was. The sound crew, security and everyone working just knew what they were doing. Everything was on time and everyone was so great to us. We had an awesome time hanging out in the super sweet backstage area with everyone. It's cool to have so many country music artists and folks hanging and playing in one place. LIVE NATION and everyone who put Faster Horses together really rocked it on this festival. High fives and congrats to them on a super successful weekend. 

The backstage area at Faster Horses Festival was NOT messing around. :)

They had a pool backstage...a pool y'all! 

Rob Stone from WYCD Country Radio reppin' a KLB Koozie. :) 

Friends backstage at the Faster Horses Festival

My brother from another mother, Kris Hitchcock rocked the festival yesterday as well!

Got to hang with my pal, Frankie Ballard. Was good to see him and the crew again!

This summer (this life really) has been so incredible. I know I say it all the time, but I'm crazy thankful to do what I do. Yesterday at Faster Horses Festival was one of those days that makes me think about how blessed I am and how much hard work is paying off. I know there is a long way to go and so much more for me to learn, but I am nothing but excited about the future. You guys forming lines to say hello after we play, buying merchandise and Cd's, listening to and learning my original songs, showing up at shows to rock with us, telling your friends about us and sharing our music and social networking guys are all a part of this. You are absolutely just as much a part of all of this as I am. Thank you for allowing me to write and play my music for you and thank you for giving me ears that will listen to it. I am thankful for you guys every day...every single day. 

 These guys are awesome! 

This is Dora. She really liked our koozies and was the sweetest lady. So nice to meet you! <3

Yesssssss. ;) 

 Such a sweetheart! She made my day. <3

Thankful...just so thankful for this life.  

We have so many more amazing things coming up this summer and fall that I constantly have to stop myself and remember not to get lost in it all and to take some time to enjoy it. I am always looking around at these shows we get to play and thinking..."Really, are we really here doing this? Is this really my job? Did we really just play a show with this person?!" It's a crazy, terrifying, amazing, enlightening, fantastic, unknowing, fulfilling ride that I am on and I look forward to every twist and turn. Lets do this!

Nothin' but love y'all. 

xo - Kari 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Common Ground with Little Big Town & Randy Houser!

So, we got to play the MAIN STAGE at Common Ground Music Festival on Thursday July 11, 2013...and it was AWESOME! Not only did we get to play a festival that I have wanted to play for years, we got to open for Little Big Town and Randy Houser - two of my very favorite country artists. 

I have been a fan of Little Big Town since I was in middle school. Getting to meet them and share a stage with the was a fantastic honor. This group is talented beyond words and I am thrilled to see them have such an amazing career right now. They were the nicest folks. I love when people live up to the expectations that I have in my head about them. I had heard from several people that Little Big Town were so sweet and gracious and I was very happy to find that to be true. Absolutely wonderful people. They were so kind and I don't think that I will get over the fact that I got to open up a show for them for a very long time. 
The Kari Lynch Band and some friends with Little Big Town

I actually briefly met, Randy Houser the first time I ever played a writer's round in Nashville, TN. I had no idea that he was there (at the Listening Room - Venue in Nashville). He was watching some friends in the round before mine. When they finished, all of a sudden I heard them say, "Randy, come on up and sing one!" He got up on stage and put the entire room at a stand still. His voice is incredible and so different than a lot of other male country singers. I remember thinking, "Oh my goodness, this is amazing...oh wait...I have to follow that now." :) Talk about pressure your first time singing in Nashville. Ha! 

When we arrived in Lansing, MI at Common Ground, I was thrilled and impressed at how organized the festival was. Everyone working was incredibly hospitable to us. I really can't say that enough. I was very appreciative of our how hard everyone was working and how nice they all were. Awesome folks!

We went out to do our sound check and I discovered that the stage had a catwalk. Yes! A catwalk! It's difficult to describe my level of excitement about that, but I'd say it was comparable to that of a ten-year-old girl on Christmas morning receiving front row tickets to see, Justin Bieber in concert...or something like that. :) Holy cow you guys! I had so much fun on that stage. It was my first time performing on a stage with a catwalk and I will never ever forget it.

 Catwalk Struttin' in my favorite pair of Corral Boots! :)

The show was a BLAST! It was the best feeling to look out into that crazy crowd and see folks singing along and smiling. I loved seeing everyone dancing and having a good time. The most incredible thing about music is what it can do to people. For 45 minutes we all got to forget about the craziness of life and lose ourselves in a musical moment together. That blows my mind every time I play a show. The energy at Common Ground was just awesome. I LOVE Michigan country music fans! 

 Right before hitting the stage! 

If you were in that crowd, thank you. Thank you for one of the most fun shows I have ever played. I loved seeing you smiling and having a good time with me and the guys. It was so cool to look out into an audience that big and see people singing along to my original songs...that's crazy you guys! Thank you for giving me that feeling. It means everything to me. 

Crazy amazing crowd!

 You guys make me smile...a lot. :) 

I got a chance to meet a lot of folks after the show as well. I did not expect to see a line that big when I came out to meet everyone. It really blew me away! Getting to meet people at shows is one of my favorite things about playing shows. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to shake hands and say thank you to the people that spend their hard earned money and spend their time to give me the chance to play my music on stage. I could not stop smiling. Everyone was so sweet and had such kind and encouraging words for me and the guys. THANK YOU! 


Special THANK YOU to everyone at Meridian Entertainment for taking such good care of us and all the folks that helped to make Common Ground Music Festival a success! Me and the guys are so blessed and thankful to have experiences like this one. This day will stay with me for a very long time. 

Here are a couple more snapshots from our awesome day at Common Ground. 

Donnie's BBQ Smokehouse. Best beef brisket ever. Seriously. 
And this man was so sweet!

  Our trailer had a recycling bin and this made me very happy. 

Sara C. putting the final touches on my hair with my favorite Oribe products from Cheeky Strut before hitting the stage. 

Group shot in the trailer. Me, Chris, Sammie, Matt, Ryd.


Hair and Makeup - Sara Catherine for Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids, MI

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Even Brighter than the Moon, Moon, Moon...

I rarely ever take vacations and if I'm ever doing any traveling it's generally because I am playing a show. Over 4th of July weekend I had such a relaxing and much needed mini vacation. Kari Lynch Band had four...yes...FOUR whole days off. Crazy! It was fantastic and wonderful. Funny how taking a little bit of time off can completely recharge you and make you want to work and go full throttle again. My schedule was definitely nuts there for a bit playing five, six, many times seven shows a week for months. We are about to enter another season of insanely busy. This four days of slowing down came at the perfect time. 

Thursday was the 4th and I did absolutely nothing spectacular to celebrate and it was lovely. Ha! I traveled downtown for a very short amount of time, quickly realized that I did not want to be anywhere near that circus of CRAZY and headed home. 

4th of Julying...before the sweatpants came out. :)

I'm happy that I went downtown for a little while though. I caught a friend's band and it was nice to walk around and enjoy the beautiful evening. Once I got home, I immediately changed into comfy clothes and spent the remainder of the evening eating homemade pizza, drinking wine and watching Netflix (Breakfast at Tiffany's and Archer were my choice selections of the night). I even fell asleep before 2:30am. WHOA! I can't remember the last time I actually just enjoyed the living room in my apartment. It was glorious. The only downfall was the moron lighting off fireworks outside until 4am. Ugh...

The next day I headed up north to spend the weekend hanging out with some of my very favorite people. It was the most perfect weather I could have hoped for. At night I sat around a bonfire drinking whiskey and playing guitar and all day Saturday I floated in a lake, drank wine in the sunshine and actually did some reading. I can't remember the last time I took time to soak in a day and not make plans to be anywhere. My best friend, Sara made the comment that she hadn't seen me relax like that in months upon months. She was like, "You read a magazine! I can't remember the last time I saw you read a magazine just for fun!" Ahhhhhhh...

Sara and I soaking up the sunset

Nick and I being a bunch of Silly Sally's 

Hello, Perfection

Boom, Boom, Boom

It's important to take time off. I almost always have to be forced into taking a break. I guess I just always feel like if I take time off I will fall behind or if I'm not working on something, I'm not getting better when I could be. I have a really hard time slowing my brain down or actually enjoying a minute of peace. I am a true workaholic and I like it that way, but I will say that this vacation was awesome and refreshing. I entered this week feeling recharged and ready to take on the business, the pressure and the stress of my job and my life. I won't have another string of days off like this for a very long time and that's ok because I really appreciated this last weekend. It made me realize that taking time off once in awhile, unplugging and unwinding, can be a really good thing.

Nothin' But Love 

xo - Kari