Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Common Ground with Little Big Town & Randy Houser!

So, we got to play the MAIN STAGE at Common Ground Music Festival on Thursday July 11, 2013...and it was AWESOME! Not only did we get to play a festival that I have wanted to play for years, we got to open for Little Big Town and Randy Houser - two of my very favorite country artists. 

I have been a fan of Little Big Town since I was in middle school. Getting to meet them and share a stage with the was a fantastic honor. This group is talented beyond words and I am thrilled to see them have such an amazing career right now. They were the nicest folks. I love when people live up to the expectations that I have in my head about them. I had heard from several people that Little Big Town were so sweet and gracious and I was very happy to find that to be true. Absolutely wonderful people. They were so kind and I don't think that I will get over the fact that I got to open up a show for them for a very long time. 
The Kari Lynch Band and some friends with Little Big Town

I actually briefly met, Randy Houser the first time I ever played a writer's round in Nashville, TN. I had no idea that he was there (at the Listening Room - Venue in Nashville). He was watching some friends in the round before mine. When they finished, all of a sudden I heard them say, "Randy, come on up and sing one!" He got up on stage and put the entire room at a stand still. His voice is incredible and so different than a lot of other male country singers. I remember thinking, "Oh my goodness, this is amazing...oh wait...I have to follow that now." :) Talk about pressure your first time singing in Nashville. Ha! 

When we arrived in Lansing, MI at Common Ground, I was thrilled and impressed at how organized the festival was. Everyone working was incredibly hospitable to us. I really can't say that enough. I was very appreciative of our how hard everyone was working and how nice they all were. Awesome folks!

We went out to do our sound check and I discovered that the stage had a catwalk. Yes! A catwalk! It's difficult to describe my level of excitement about that, but I'd say it was comparable to that of a ten-year-old girl on Christmas morning receiving front row tickets to see, Justin Bieber in concert...or something like that. :) Holy cow you guys! I had so much fun on that stage. It was my first time performing on a stage with a catwalk and I will never ever forget it.

 Catwalk Struttin' in my favorite pair of Corral Boots! :)

The show was a BLAST! It was the best feeling to look out into that crazy crowd and see folks singing along and smiling. I loved seeing everyone dancing and having a good time. The most incredible thing about music is what it can do to people. For 45 minutes we all got to forget about the craziness of life and lose ourselves in a musical moment together. That blows my mind every time I play a show. The energy at Common Ground was just awesome. I LOVE Michigan country music fans! 

 Right before hitting the stage! 

If you were in that crowd, thank you. Thank you for one of the most fun shows I have ever played. I loved seeing you smiling and having a good time with me and the guys. It was so cool to look out into an audience that big and see people singing along to my original songs...that's crazy you guys! Thank you for giving me that feeling. It means everything to me. 

Crazy amazing crowd!

 You guys make me smile...a lot. :) 

I got a chance to meet a lot of folks after the show as well. I did not expect to see a line that big when I came out to meet everyone. It really blew me away! Getting to meet people at shows is one of my favorite things about playing shows. It's wonderful to have the opportunity to shake hands and say thank you to the people that spend their hard earned money and spend their time to give me the chance to play my music on stage. I could not stop smiling. Everyone was so sweet and had such kind and encouraging words for me and the guys. THANK YOU! 


Special THANK YOU to everyone at Meridian Entertainment for taking such good care of us and all the folks that helped to make Common Ground Music Festival a success! Me and the guys are so blessed and thankful to have experiences like this one. This day will stay with me for a very long time. 

Here are a couple more snapshots from our awesome day at Common Ground. 

Donnie's BBQ Smokehouse. Best beef brisket ever. Seriously. 
And this man was so sweet!

  Our trailer had a recycling bin and this made me very happy. 

Sara C. putting the final touches on my hair with my favorite Oribe products from Cheeky Strut before hitting the stage. 

Group shot in the trailer. Me, Chris, Sammie, Matt, Ryd.


Hair and Makeup - Sara Catherine for Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids, MI

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