Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hometown love.

This summer we got to do a lot of traveling and play a ton of really awesome shows. I love playing in new places and meeting new people. It's been awesome to share our music with new ears and make so many new friends and fans. I think about it and I can't believe that it is August already. I remember a couple months ago looking at the summer ahead and thinking, "There is no way this is all going to happen in one summer." In June alone--a 30 day month--we played 25 shows. The same goes for July, and August is just as busy. I have to really make it a point to stop myself, looking around and take time to appreciate where we are and what we are doing. It easily becomes a blur of "where do we need to be and when" if I don't stop to take it all in. 

As much as I love being on the road and playing in a different place every night (it's basically my favorite thing ever), I absolutely love those opportunities to play at home base. The last few weeks were awesome for that. We got to travel up north and play in my hometown and we also got to play some fantastic shows right here on my band's home turf. I wanted to share a couple with you guys.

We played at Meijer Gardens this summer to a huge and awesome crowd. I remember looking out from backstage and thinking, "Whaaaaaaa?" There were SO many people there. A lot of familiar faces and a lot of new faces as well. It was an especially special night for us because one of my best friends and also the lead guitarist in my band, Ryder Jones, proposed to his girlfriend on stage. It was pretty neat how it all worked out. <3

Beautiful Night. Fantastic crowd. Photo by: Shaynon Munn

My Grams and Gramps were able to come to the show.
I'm in love with this picture of them. Ryd's mom took this one. :)

"If I may I think I might..."

So fun!

This one's bout ta get engaged and stuff.

 First comes love...

These photos were taken by the lovely, Laura Neiser. 
Please check out her awesome BLOG - Relatively Offbeat

Last week we stopped in to see our friends at eightWest. (eightWest is a local lifestyle show on WOOD TV8 hosted by Rachael Ruiz and Terri DeBoer). It had been a while since we'd been in to see the eightWest crew and they were just as sweet as always. They have been supporting and featuring my band since we became a band. I love the folks there. Everyone is always so welcoming and they really do an awesome job of supporting musicians from West Michigan. 

Check, Check. 

Green Room.

We had another opportunity to play at home this summer for the Lowell Showboat Summer
Concert Series. This show was SO MUCH FUN. I'm pretty sure I was smiling the entire night.
It is absolutely the most incredible feeling to have folks sing your original songs back to you. 
When we were playing my song, "Me and a Bottle of Wine," there were so many folks singing along. 
I looked at every corner of that wonderful crowd and there were people singing along. 
I can't put into words what that does for me. It's the most amazing feeling ever. 

Only about half of the incredible crowd at the Showboat concert.

Beautiful night for an outdoor show.

Sammie gettin' it done.

I loved how folks would just pull right up on the water and watch the show.

Sing, sing.

Thanks for such a fun show, you guys!

This little gal was a heart stealer. She danced and sang all night and then I brought her on stage.
Future star that one.


Matt strummin' away.


More folks watchin' from the water.

Not gonna lie...I wanted to steal this. 

This night was also the loudest folks have ever been to get us to return for an encore. Such an awesome feeling. Thank you all for doing that for us and for rockin' out all night...even though we did sorta, kinda go past the city ordinance time allowed. You gotta fight for your right to party, I guess. :)

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari 

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  1. Thanks for the photo credit, love! It was such a beautiful night and I'm so glad I got to be there. :)
    See you soon, I'm sure! <3