Saturday, August 17, 2013

Let's just never leave...

The guys and I had the wonderful pleasure to play some awesome shows last weekend. 

On Friday we were up bright and early to hit the road to Jackson, MI to play the afternoon show at the Jackson County Fair. We got to meet some nice folks and it was gorgeous outside. Thank you to everyone who bought CD's. You guys made our day. :) 

Right after that show we had to get back on the road and travel 5 hours to get to Bay Harbor, MI to play the Harbor Jam that night. If you have never been to Bay Harbor, you are surely missing out. What a beautiful village! Petoskey has always been one of my favorite places in Michigan. It's just pretty everywhere you look. I was thrilled when we got set to play the Harbor Jam in Bay Harbor knowing we'd get to play in such a lovely little town. 

 Breathtaking view in Bay Harbor

Excited to play! 

The folks putting on the Harbor Jam were wonderful! Can't say that enough. They were all so great to me and the guys. When we arrived, we were treated to an awesome dinner at a popular local spot, "Knot" Just a Bar. The food was excellent and was just what we needed after 7 hours on the road. 

The show was a blast! You can't really go wrong playing on an outdoor stage that is right on the water. Folks brought out lawn chairs and blankets and some even pulled up in their boats and watched from the water. Although it cooled down quite a bit once the sun went down, it was awesome to have so many people stay out for the length of our show, blankets, coats, hats and all. :) 


Rockin' it out at Harbor Jam!

We stayed in the Bay Harbor Village Hotel that night which is hands down the cutest and most comfy hotel we've ever stayed in, with a pretty incredible view to boost as well. It had just about every accommodation you can think of and we were thrilled to drink our coffee and play our guitars on the pretty balcony the next morning. 

Ok, this will do I guess. ;) So prrrrretty. 

Morning coffee and a pretty view.

For breakfast we went to the Original Pancake House and had super tasty pancakes and more coffee before heading out. We could have easily stayed there all weekend. Ha! I think everyone had muttered the phrase, "Let's just not leave" at one point or another during our short stay.  

Pancakes in the Mornin' (Doesn't, Matt look thrilled to get his picture taken?) 

Shenanigans in Bay Harbor.

Ryder being a super hero. 

Cutest place ever award. 

Such a cool place! Thank you all for a wonderful time! We loved playing in Bay Harbor and hope that we can come back soon! 

Saturday we headed straight from Bay Harbor to Clare, MI (MY HOMETOWN!) to play the Clare Brewfest. We had SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely love getting to come home and play. I've been lucky enough to get to do it twice this summer and it is always the best feeling to see so many familiar faces. I got to see my family and tons of old friends. I don't get to play shows often where my entire family can be there and I am blessed that they are incredibly supportive of what I do and give me so much love to pursue this career. We played and folks were singing along and dancing and that made my night. The fact that there was a bunch of really, really good Michigan beer and a lot of the best doughnuts around from Cops and Doughnuts was just an added bonus. ;) 

Look how cute these gals look in their new Kari Lynch Band tanks! <3

Hometown Love. <3

We also got to work with our friends from Timbrel and Harp Productions again. We hadn't worked with them since we opened for The Band Perry at the Clare County Fair in 2011. They are a fantastic audio service. I've recorded in the Timbrel and Harp studio a couple times as well and, Mike is fantastic. Always a pleasure to have good sound and get to work with a hardworking  crew that does a wonderful job. Everyone working and helping put on the event was awesome to us. We had so much fun! Thank you for having us this year! 

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari 

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