Monday, November 11, 2013

When all that mattered was a crazy dream...

SCENE ONE, TAKE ONE - First music video ever!

About 5 months ago, Sheila Johnson-Detzler, a long-time fan of my music and a permanent fixture in my fan family mentioned that she would love to see me and the guys make a music video. Naturally, I agreed that a music video would be an awesome experience, but that we just hadn't come across the right feel with a crew for a video yet. She then mentioned a company based out of Lansing, MI called Such Video and said I should definitely check them out. I reached out to them, not really sure what to expect and before I knew it I was on my way to Lansing for a meeting with the incredibly talented group of people that makeup Such Video. I have to say, if it wasn't for, Sheila this meeting would have never happened. HUGE THANK YOU to her. :) 

Over this past summer I discussed ideas for my first music video with the Such Video crew. What song did we what to do? What kind of feel did we want for this first video? How did I want to record the song? Where would we shoot the video?...etc. :) After my whirlwind of a summer was over, we reconvened and started to hash out the fine details. We decided to record the song for the music video with, Joel Ferguson of Planet Sunday Studios in Rockford, MI. We did a special version of this original song just for this video. I can not wait for everyone to hear it. We also settled on a date. October 30, 2013. Coolest. Day. Ever. 

I woke up that morning a 6am and headed to one of my very favorite places, Cheeky Strut Salon, in Grand Rapids to get music video ready! There is not another group of people that I trust more with my hair/makeup than my wonderful stylists at Cheeky Strut. I can't even explain how much it means that they take such special care of me. After hair and makeup, it was straight to the shoot! (Though, I did have to turn around and go back to my apartment since my early morning brain decided to forget a few things...typical)

Double team. Cheeky Strut gals gettin' me all pretty for the day.
Love them. 

Sara Moser on site. Multi-Tasking. :)

The location for the music video was another one of those AWESOME things that was brought to us by a fan. Earlier in October I had posted on Facebook that we were looking for a barn in the Grand Rapids area where we could shoot our first music video. I could not believe the response I got! So many folks just offering up their space to us for the day, or giving me contact information of friends and family who owned the type of barn we needed. I will forever be blown away by the generosity of people around me. Thank you to everyone who responded! There was one suggestion that seemed to really fit the bill though. After a few e-mails, I was off to check out the barn that would become the official location for the video. That barn belonged to the, Bieker family in Ada, Michigan. Another BIG thank you to, Katie Marble for contacting me about it. No lie, the first time I walked through the door of this barn my jaw hit the floor. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it was truly a replica of what I had envisioned in my head for the video. I remember thinking, "How is it possible that the barn in my head actually exists in real life?" The, Bieker family was so welcoming and kind to us. I can not imagine better hosts or a better space for us to have shot this video.

Our wonderful hosts. <3

 These ladies are awesome. 

Can someone say, absolutely stunning? 

We started shooting around 11am after, Sara Moser polished off the guy's hair and everyone had their fill of bagels and coffee. The video shoot lasted all day and I loved every minute of it. We shot inside, outside, lots of different scenes and feels. The Such Video crew is amazing. Their talent, work ethic, patience, drive, creativity, humor and knowledge were so appreciated. I am thrilled that I was able to experience my first music video with this fantastic crew....seriously still reeling and trying to figure out how I got so lucky to work with these amazing people. 

Video Shooting. 

 This space could not have been any more perfect.

These guys were troopers. Such a long day! 

Don't know what I would do without these two. Love you girls. Thank you!

 Rocked my brand new Corral Boots with my first outfit for the shoot. I love Corrals! 

 Talking things over with, Dustin. 

 Outfit number 1 for the shoot.
Pre to Post Modern necklace. 

 Bandmates. I love them. <3

 My dudes. <3 

 Outfit number 2 for the shoot. Thrifted dress and boots. Forever 21 belt. 

Scene 1

Excitement level = Off the charts. 

Throughout the day different folks stopped by. Kari Norton (who has a pretty awesome name if I do say so myself ;)) from the Grand Valley Lanthorn came out to do an interview with me and, Dustin Foster (from the Such Video Crew) about the entire experience. Both, Dustin and I are graduates of Grand Valley State University and it was awesome that we were able to connect on that. You can check out the article if you'd like ---> GV Alumni Collaborate on Music Video Shoot.  

Rapid Growth GR also stopped out to take some pictures for their cover as well. Look for that soon! 

This day was one I will never, ever forget. I love that we kept it local did it all right here in West Michigan. The talent in this state and especially in this area is incredible and it continuously amazes and inspires me that we can do so many awesome things right here with hard-working people in this wonderful state that I love. I can not wait for you all to see the video! It's going to be awesome. 

And THAT'S a wrap, folks! 

Double thumbs up for an awesome day of shooting!

Special thanks to everyone who made this video and awesome day possible:

Such Video - Lansing, MI

Kate from PR with Such Video (You are incredible) 
The Bieker Family (So, so many thanks!)
Joel Ferguson (Recording Engineer/Mixing)
Al Mcavoy (Mastering of the track)
Brian Stefl (Photography)
Jaimie Powell
Sara Moser
Robinettes Orchard in Grand Rapids (Thank you for the doughnuts and cider!)
Sheila Johnson-Detzler
Grand Valley State University (Interview) 
Rapid Growth GR (Coverage)

My bandmates and partners in crime. I love you guys so much. 


Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

Look for more photos from the shoot on my Facebook Page and Website soon! 

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