Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Oh hey guys! It's been a little while since my last blog post (I know! And right after I promised to be better at it too!). Truth be told, November was a busy month. Aren't they all? But it was a pretty stellar month so I want to share some of it with you. 

And from here on out, I do solemnly promise to get back on my blogging "A Game". Scouts honor. 


November in Nashville was busy. Lots of writing, lots of playing and lots of good ol' fashion fun. It started with CMA Festivities on November 5. What a night! I was joined by one of my very best gals, Mandy. You've probably seen her mentioned in some of my previous posts. She is an awesome country singer who is also from Michigan and lives in Nashville. 

We had dinner at a new restaurant that just opened in Nashville called, Prima. It was so good! It was Prima's soft opening night so we got to try a lot of different entrees and drinks. Champagne and wine and super good food? Ok, I guess. ;) 

Went to a few CMA after parties after the awards and had a blasty blast hanging out with these gorgeous women. 

I played a writer's round at The Renaissance Hotel with some wonderful songwriters. Nikki Boon and Ryan Nelson (both from Michigan, whoohoo!) have a new duo called, Haven Drive and they are great! 

Mandy and Annie came out to watch the round. Actually, Annie played in a round before mine. If you don't know, Annie Wildgen, she is a singer/songwriter from Michigan and she has one of the most beautiful voices. :) Michigan was WELL represented that night. 

Spent a lot of time with this favorite of mine as well. Lyndsey is...wait for it...also a fantastic singer/songwriter from Michigan and one of my very best friends. We were dancing like idiots out on the deck at Losers Bar in midtown and this sweet gal came over and asked if we wanted her to take a picture of our silliness...uh, yup. 

November was seriously so good to me. One of my favorite shows in November was with the very talented, Jake Mellema. You all know him as the lead singer of the Michigan based country band, Union Guns. He came down to Nashville and we played a show together at Two Old Hippies, an AWESOME music store and venue. It is one of my favorite places in Nashville. They carry my favorite kind of guitar - Breedlove and lots of cool "hippie" inspired clothing, jewelry, books...etc. The last two guitars I bought, a Breedlove and a Bedell, were from this store. I enjoy playing at Two Old Hippies because of it's intimate feel. People listening get a chance to hear every lyric and some of the stories behind the songs. We had SO MUCH fun with everyone who came out to the show. It was a sweet, full and very attentive crowd. Amazing. 

Chris and Natasha (on the left) came ALL the way from Michigan to make it to the show. Ahhh, that just blows me away. They even sported their sweet "Kari Lynch Street Team" T-shirts. AND they brought me some awesome gifts. What?! My birthday was earlier in November and they gave me this amazing gift bag filled with some of my favorite things. It was so incredibly thoughtful and kind. They are awesome! I also finally got to meet the very sweet and adorable, Sara (on the right). She had been wanting to come out to a show for 3 years and was finally able to come to one! I can not tell you how much it meant to have all of these people take time out of their lives to come listen. I was so touched. 

Jake sounded fantastic. We've been singing and writing a lot together. STOKED to play more shows with this guy coming up. 

We decided we needed an "epic looking off into the distance" photo with our guitars since we were feeling pretty awesome after our show. 

It was fun playing some brand new songs. :)

After the show at Two Old Hippies, I had to drive late through the night to Michigan. I've done it so many times that the drive doesn't even seem that long anymore, but I was definitely feeling it at my next show. That show happened to be outside (it was suuuuper cold) and in the morning. I survived it only by drinking a lovely concoction of coffee and hot chocolate from the cute coffee shop across the street from where we were playing.

November was also the month of finally getting to meet and see one of my biggest songwriting inspirations and an all around incredibly inspiring woman play live in Chicago, IL. Tristan Prettyman was SO good. I've blogged about her before if you've read some of my previous posts. If you haven't heard of her, check her out. She's amazing, so sweet, and one of the most talented and fearless writers out there.

Tristan Prettyman, you guys. Tristan. Freaking. Prettyman.

I  ended the month of November in Michigan with some recording at River City Studios in Grand Rapids. About 4 years ago I recorded the "Live at River City Studios" sessions with them and it was a great experience (even though I was sick and completely losing my voice the day we filmed it). I was thrilled to work at River City again on a new song called, "Better Than Today" that I wrote with a friend of mine named, Mark Barger Elliot. 

Another super sweet thing about this particular studio session was that the incredible, Brian Vander Ark joined us to help produce the track. He brought "Better Than Today" to a whole new level. It was awesome and such a great learning experience to spend time with him in the studio. He's a stellar writer and musician. His presence in the studio is just wonderful. I hope to get to work with him more in the future.

Brian, myself and Mark.

River City Studios is beautiful. Superb experience. Looking forward to doing some more work with them.

Roy Wallace was our engineer. He is awesome and was fantastic to work with.

My friend and fellow musician, Theo played piano and drums on the track. Holy smokes. Every time I hear this guy play it blows me away. He is magic on those keys. Stoked to have his beautiful playing on this song! 

I'm not playing many full band shows right now, which is a little weird considering the last 4 years have been non-stop, but it's giving me the extra time needed to really focus on some other important things like recording and writing. While I am excited to get back to a busy playing schedule soon, It's definitely nice to have the time this winter to start working on a new album and finish writing some of the songs for it. I can't wait for you all to hear what's in store! 

Thanks for reading guysssss. 

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari 

Friday, October 31, 2014

I've Been Looking for a Party Like You...

Wednesday this week was a party in Grand Rapids! 

I had the wonderful opportunity to open for an extremely talented group of guys known as The Cadillac Three on October 29th at The Intersection in Grand Rapids. And it was a RIOT. I am a fan of these guys, their music and stage presence. So, when I got asked to play the show I was pretty dang stoked to share a stage with them. Here are a few photos and some of my favorite moments from an awesome night! 

Photo Cred: Katie Kessel

A little backstage warming up before the show. My buddy, Kris Hitchcock played that night as well. It was fun getting to hang with him again. We haven't played a show together in a long time and we always have a fun time "crashing" each other's sets. He and his band put on a rockin' performance! 

Photo Cred: Katie Kessel

Smiling "pretty" with my bests backstage. ;) 

Absolutely gotta love our B93 crew. The Intersection and B93 bring us some pretty awesome country music parties. I've been blessed to get to know a lot of the folks over at B93 over the years and they have been so wonderful to me. I love the B93 family so much! They all looked AWESOME in their Halloween costumes too. Haha! Honestly though, Conrad, you should wear a cowboy hat more often. It looks good on ya! :)

A picture before we hit the stage. I had an awesome time playing with these guys. They all freakin' rocked it. I'm lucky to get to make music with these talented fellas. 

I love the country music community in Michigan! 

Packed house at The Intersection. This will always, always be one of my favorite venues to play. I love how much the crowds at The Intersection get into the shows and how you guys can get right up to the front of the stage to rock. The crowd at this show was a blast. Thanks for all the love and for singing along to my songs, you guys. You're my favorite. <3 


So. Much. Fun. 

Photo Cred for the above black and white photos: Rachel Tuuk

By the way, I got the black lace shirt that I am wearing at Express (the jeans are express too)...both on sale too don'tcha know. Whoo! 

Get it Scotty! He was on fire behind that drum kit. 

Rockin' it with Ryan. He slayed on lead guitar!

"Right through the heart you got me..."

I'm having a blast rockin' shorter hair on stage. I honestly thought I would miss whipping my long hair around on stage, but I gotta tell ya, hair whipping with short hair is just as much fun. ;) Big, huge THANK YOU to, Sara Catherine at Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids for making my hair look pretty for the show. That's the first time I've had wavy curls with this short haircut for a show and I loved it! 

Matt rocked it out! 

All y'alls singing along and listening to my original songs means so much. It totally made my night. Thanks for giving me so many reasons to smile. xo ...and for all of you that asked, my boots are from Corral Boot Co. They are the best! 

Photo Cred: Rachel Tuuk

Kris joined me on stage to help me sing a chorus from my song, "Fly, Fly, Fly"...I made sure to return the favor and crash his set during his band's cover of Blink 182's "All The Small Things." ;) Fun jammin' with this guy! 

It was fun playing my song, "Fly, Fly, Fly". And it's always nice when I get to play my favorite Breedlove Guitar. This is a special song to me and even though I haven't played it out a ton, it was awesome to see folks in the crowd that knew the words. Thanks for taking the time to learn my lyrics, guys. It seriously blows me away that you do that. :) 

The Cadillac Three are not only stellar musicians, they're also super nice dudes. It was fun hanging out with them after the show. They had so many nice and encouraging things to say to me. Getting to hang with the artists I play shows with and finding out that they are genuine, nice people is so refreshing. These guys are working their butts off in the industry right now and I hope only good things for them. They deserve it! 

Some of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage with. 

Probably my favorite thing about playing shows is getting to connect with fans new and old. It is so cool to see familiar faces out in that crowd and so much fun meeting new folks as well. I got to chat and hang with so many of you wonderful people at this show. Thank you for coming over to say hello...and thanks for posting your photos on my Facebook page so I could steal em' for my blog. ;) 

I love this girl! She is an amazing person and an extremely inspiring individual. She's been coming out to shows for a long time and it's always good to see her. Katie is a pretty dang good photographer too. I snagged a few of the photos she took and used them for this blog...thanks girl. ;) 

Luis is a super dude! He's also been out to a ton of my shows and he's been so supportive of my music. Thanks for coming out to yet another show, Luis! Enjoy the camo koozies...I'll get ya your hat soon. ;) 

How adorable is this guy? It was so nice to meet you, Adam! Thanks for coming over to say hello. Hope I get to see you at another show soon! 

Super cute girls! I loved your costumes. Way to get into the spirit and dress up for the show! 

Another girl looking awesome in her Halloween costume. It was nice to finally get to meet you, Kristina! Come out to another show soon! xo 

So many sweet people at this show! Thanks for posting this photo on my Facebook page. It was so nice to meet you, Cameo! 

You have got to love these gals costumes. You both looked awesome! I tried to look as cool...didn't really work. :P 

Don is another awesome human who has been out to SO MANY of my shows. Thanks for coming out to another one and thank you for all the support you continue to give me! 

Seriously don't know what I would do without my girl, Jaimes. Thank you for all of your hard work and for literally being able to read my mind. Ha! Seriously though, I am lucky to get to have her on my team and even luckier to call her one of my best friends. <3 

Another awesome show on the books! How do I get so lucky to get to play these shows and be surrounded by all you wonderful people? I don't know, but I'm going to soak it up and enjoy every minute for as long as this life will let me. Thanks for a fantastic night y'all! Let's do it again soon, huh? 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

Friday, October 17, 2014

I love you Grand Rapids...

This year I submitted one of my original songs for ArtPrize (the amazing and huge art contest Grand Rapids holds). It's a tune that I wrote called, "Fly, Fly, Fly" ...and yes, my blog is named after it. 

This song holds a special place in my heart for a lot of reasons, so I was very excited to record it and have the chance to share it with so many people. The cool thing is that not only did I get to submit and share it as a music entry for Artprize, I also got to perform it a few times during the couple of weeks in which ArtPrize takes place. Pretty rad. :) 

If you want to give my song, "Fly, Fly, Fly" a listen, you can hear it on my sound cloud account by clinking HERE

Here are a few cool photos from some very awesome and super fun shows I got to play with WOODTV 8 and on eightWest in Grand Rapids. 


Performing on eightWest

eightWest (a television program based in Grand Rapids, MI) has been so good to me. They are huge supporters of bands based out of West Michigan and of the music scene in general. Jordan Carson (in the picture above) is a singer as well and plays in a band called, Nine Mile Smile. The guys and I actually had the pleasure of playing at her wedding earlier this year. :) 

Hanging at the eightWest studio downtown location, getting ready to head outside to play!

I've performed on eightWest a number of times in the last 4 years and I was stoked when they called and asked if I wanted to come on and play live on air during their coverage of ArtPrize. The morning of the show was a bit chilly to play outside, but SO much fun. The crowd of kids and other folks enjoying ArtPrize were wonderfully welcoming and had such fantastic energy. It was a blast playing for them. 

Crowd Selfie. ;) Loved this fun crowd! 

If you want to watch my interview and performance on eightWest you can find it online HERE


WOOD TV8 Talsma Concert Series at Rosa Parks Circle 

I also got to play the WoodTV 8 Talsma Concert Series during the last week of ArtPrize and it was a blast! It was held right downtown in Grand Rapids at Rosa Parks Circle. The guys and I played on Wednesday night, October 8 and our friends Annabelle Road played the concert series that night as well. They are a country band based out of Detroit, Michigan and they are awesome! 

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Marge's Donut Den provided us with these very tasty treats. SO DANG GOOD. Check out the bakery sometime on 28th street in Grand Rapids...I can promise you that you will not be disappointed. :) 

Our concert was televised live on WOODTV 8. Such a cool event! 

 So many of you awesome, wonderful, amazing people came out to the show. Thank you SO Much for coming out. This was a night that reminded me why I'm proud to call Grand Rapids home. Y'all show me so much love and support. I hope I can always give it right back to you! 


Onstage interview with, Jordan Carson

Rockin' out! 

It was such a beautiful fall night to play outside. Absolutely had a ball. 

Credit: Michael Buck/WOODTV 8

A lot of folks were asking where I got my black fringe jacket. I got it at a cool shop in Chicago called AKIRA

Amanda from Annabelle Road took this picture and I love it. She captured such a cool moment during the show. 

I could not have asked for a better day. Pretty fall weather. Super fun show. Awesome, awesome crowd. Thank you all for tuning in, coming out to the show and giving me such a wonderful night. You all make my life a happy one. 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari