Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Season

Winter 2014 was the longest and most dreadful winter I've ever experienced, along with probably most of Michigan. I've never looked forward to summer more than I did this last winter. I mean, I enjoy winter for a minute, like, long enough to wear my huge grandpa sweaters a few times, drink some cocoa once or twice, go on a homemade soup making spree for 2 weeks, maybe do something cute like go ice skating...etc...but as soon the daily scraping of ice off my vehicle, accompanied by the constant chattering of my teeth and general distain for pretty much anything involving having to "go out into the cold" sets in, I hopelessly begin to daydream of all the wonderful things summer brings (that rhymed) ...sundresses, long days, bonfires, nature, walks, starry nights, bare feet, lakes, happiness, annnnnd music outside!

It's fair, festival and summer concert season y'all and I could NOT be more thrilled to play some of the wonderful shows I get to play this season. Here is a look at the start of summer in Kari Lynch Band land. Whoohoo!

Detroit Hoedown - May 30. 2014

Rockin' it out at Comerica Park! 

 Such a blast! Thank you to everyone who came over to rock! (Thank you for the above pictures, Brad!)

                                                                                                This guy and the delightful dinner Hoedown provided for us can be summed up in one word, "'Merica" 

Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts - June 6. 2014

 Ryder Jones knocking it out of the park, per usual. 

Love playing music with these talented fellas. 

Thank you to an awesome festival crowd for hanging out with us during our set. 

 Sangin' :) 

Jacob Meekhof rockin' out the bass! 

 Brian Kops got it done at Festival. Total pro! 

Chris Bardolph playing my Breedlove guitar and making it sound amazing. 

SO much love for these incredible guys and making music with them. I am very blessed and lucky that I get to call them my bandmates. 

All of the photos above From Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts are by my good friend and fellow singer/songwriter, Jake Mellema for JAM Photography. Check out his website

Wyoming Summer Concert Series - June 10. 2014

So many cool kiddos at this show. I had a blast singing and dancing with them :)

This little heart-stealer. <3 

I signed a lot...A LOT of arms with permanent marker...sorry parents. 

Thank you all for spending your Tuesday night with us! 

Selfies and signing. ;)

Thanks for all the high fives, guys!

Holland Summer Concert Series - June 13. 2014

I did NOT expect this crowd and how much love they showed me and the guys. Thank you! (I tried to get you all in the picture, but I missed a few.)

Such a pretty stage and backdrop. 

Thank you to, Eric Stoike for some of the cool pictures above. Check out his website for On The Run Photography to see more of his work.  

These gals are awesome! Thank you for all the shows you come out to! 


Tonight the guys and I head to Warsaw, IN to play the Friday night performing Art Series at Central Park Plaza and I can't wait! After playing long sets indoors throughout the longest winter ever, it's refreshing and awesome to sing in the sunshine and play music for all of you fantastic people who take time out of your lives to hang out with us. Thank you for wanting to hear original music. Thank you for singing along. Thank you for the love you show that keeps this crazy train on the tracks. Endless thank you's, really. You have no idea how much you make me smile. 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari