Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gonna get a little bit sideways...

Hey cats and kittens! I'm FINALLY getting this blog post up. It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

I had the AWESOME opportunity to open for the incredible, Dierks Bentley in LaPorte, IN recently. Holy. Smokes. It was SO much fun. From start to finish this day was one for the books! I will never forget it.

We arrived at the Laporte County Fairgrounds in Indiana in the early afternoon. It was seriously the most laid back vibe I've ever experienced backstage. Dierks and his crew are the nicest folks you'll ever meet. They were so warm to us upon our arrival and the generosity and hospitality lasted all day. Such a wonderful group of people to be around and such a blessing to be a part of this show! Here's a little recap of this awesome day. 

Lisa is the most phenomenal makeup artist. 

Sara Catherine and Lisa Richards from Cheeky Strut are the best glam squad a gal could ask for! Seriously. I'm so thankful for these two and the time and effort they put into gettin' me pretty for my shows and photo shoots. They gave up their entire day to come and make sure I looked sparkly on stage for our show with Dierks Bentley. I would (literally) be a mess without them. These girls and Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids, MI are such a blessing in my life. 

Ahhh, Abbie and Jaimie...basically my lifelines at our shows. They are amazing, hardworking women. I could not keep my head on straight if it wasn't for these two making sure that me and the guys have everything we need, making me laugh and not get stressed out, taking care of merchandise, driving, checking details, making sure we eat and drink, carrying equipment, constantly going above and beyond the call of duty...honestly, I don't know what I would do without them. I'm so lucky to have them in my corner and I don't know what I did to deserve such awesome girls in my life. 

A little bus hanging before soundcheck. 

 Jake is very good at dancing to keep us all laughing before the show. 

Backstage pass. 

Hey cool! My name is on the door. :) 

Soundcheck, check, check. 


Mic check 1, 2... 

 This stage was aweeeeeesome with a capital "A"...I'm mainly talking about the sweet catwalk it had. I love catwalks, you guys. Any chance to get out closer to all y'alls out there in the crowd is a plus in my book. Fantastic sound crew as well. This is one of my favorite stages I've played so far. 



Just a few final touches with, Sara and Lisa before heading out to the stage. Sara uses Oribe and Kerastase products on my hair to keep everything in place while I'm rockin' out and I use these products daily. I swear by them and I can always find everything I need at Cheeky Strut which is so nice! 

Getting in "the zone"

Here we go! 

I think this is maybe my favorite outfit I've ever worn on stage. Since a lot of people asked where I got ya go!

Black shirt  - Nordstrom Rack
Coral Shorts - Forever 21
Boots - Corral Boots

I LOVE Corral Boots. They are my favorite boots to wear on and off stage. Affordable, love the different styles and vintage looks and they last. I do a lot of stomping around in these things and they hold up like champs. Check out Corral Boots if are looking to get a new pair!

Typical Kari Lynch Band - the guys and I being idiots before hitting the stage. I love them so very much...but seriously, Brian...what the heck kinda face is that? Lol.

I get really, really into the pre-show pep talk. I was especially passionate during this one. 


Pre-show prayer. Throwing it up to the man upstairs. He is the reason we get to follow our passion and do all that we get to do. He is at the forefront of all that we do and it's all done for his glory. <3 

This awesome crowd was out there waiting for us. :)

You guys excited to open for, Dierks Bentley?! Haha They get mad at the amount of videos I take.

She gets proud of me sometimes. ;) 

Let's Do This! 

"I ain't sayin' nothing just yet, but I know you're feelin' something..."

Rockin' out.

I love this moment of pure joy that was captured while, Ryd and I were rockin' the catwalk. We were loving every minute of it.

Who wears short shorts...

Man, that was fun.

"I played with fire and I got burned, but now its your turn."

Rock. Out. 

Photo by - Nathan Corey

I couldn't stop smiling. :) 

I love these boys so much. They are amazing musicians and even better bandmates and friends. They are talented, quality individuals and I'm lucky that I get to share music and the stage with them.

This was one of the most fun shows I have ever played. LaPorte, you were an incredible crowd. You gave me and the guys the best welcome. Thank you for rockin' out to our songs. I hope we can come back soon. 

Abbie and Jaimie had my merch looking sweet. 

Some of my family made the trip to Indiana to catch the show. I got to see my cousin, Mitch and his little boy, Brady. I don't get to see them as often as I would like and it was wonderful to have them there. 

My beautiful cousin, Shay got to come to the show as well! 

Got to meet some of you lovely folks after the show! I love getting to meet and talk with all y'alls at our shows. 

You girls were awesome! Thank you for coming over to say hello after the show and for picking up some KLB goodies. :) 

The security at the LaPorte County Fair were the best. They took great care of us. This guy was by my side all night. Such a cool dude! :) 

Dierks Bentley was incredible. He and the band put on a crazy good show. Fantastic musicians and people. Loved watching them rock out. That crowd loved him! 

Insane crowd! Loved y'all! 


Tim, Dierks Bentley's banjo player, was one of the coolest dudes I have ever met. He's had a remarkable career in music. Loved listening to his stories. He even left with some, Kari Lynch loot! 

I can't say enough what an awesome person, Dierks Bentley is. He was so good to me and the guys and had some wonderful words of encouragement that meant so much. It was an absolute honor to share a stage with him. Huge thanks to him and his crew for having us out. Another huge thanks to, Hunter Brooks and Meridian Entertainment for bringing us on board.

Haha, this is Tim and, Dierks Tour Manager, Tom reenacting what it must look like to get me prepped with hair and make-up before my shows. These guys were a riot. 


Days like this one remind me how blessed I am in this life. I have wonderful people around me and I get to do the thing that I love for a living, and sometimes it leads to awesome opportunities like getting to open for, Dierks Bentley. That's pretty crazy. I don't take a second of it for granted. Always, always thankful. 

Thanks for reading y'all! 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

You can find more pictures on my Facebook page - Kari Lynch Music