Monday, August 18, 2014

I was born country and that's what I'll always be...

I had the AMAZING opportunity recently to open up for the legendary country band - ALABAMA. I know...I KNOW! I got to share a stage with them on August 9th. 2014 at the Jackson County Fair and I am definitely not over it yet.

I was sitting at a coffee shop in Nashville called the Frothy Monkey getting some work done when I got the call. A coffee shop might be one of the worst places to get awesome news. I wanted to do what I normally do when I find out that I get to open for a band I never thought I'd get to share a stage with or play a venue or show I never thought I'd get to play, which is, run around, half jumping and skipping while I girly scream and my pomeranian barks. It's not pretty. But, I could not do that at the coffee shop. So instead I had to sit there trying to keep my voice low, looking like I might actually spontaneously combust.

Just wanted to give you all a nice visual. :)

While I don't have any pictures or videos from THAT situation, I do have plenty from the actual day. Here are some of my favorite moments from a day I will NEVER forget. 


We got caught in a lovely little traffic jam on the way to Jackson, naturally we had a photo shoot.


Most of our backstage/trailer shenanigans include, singing, dancing, joke-telling, A LOT of laughing, and more dancing. On this particular day, Jeffrey and, Brian had a fiddle-off. I'll let you figure out who won. ;) 

Pre-show shenanigans...more dancing...always dancing. 

Outfit of the day! 

Shorts - American Eagle 
Boots - Corral Boots 

I can't say enough how much I love Corrals! I always get so many folks commenting on and complimenting my boots at shows and asking where I got them. You can check out Corral Boots Website to see all the different and unique designs for yourself or you can visit their Facebook Page. These boots hold up so well and are very affordable for the quality. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new, well-made and cute boot! 

Herrrrre we go! 

I have a life that is good. All smiles. Thank you, God. <3

I am sincerely, constantly reminded at every show how blessed I am to get to call these guys bandmates. They are crazy talented and more importantly, genuine people with good hearts. God definitely brought us together to make music for a reason and I am so thankful. Don't know what I would do without these goons. 

We're a buncha dang dweebs. 

Pre-show prayer and pep-talk. <3 

Throwing all the glory to God. <3 

Awesome, awesome show! 

 Brian just drrrrriving the bus. 

Rockin' it OUT!

The crowd was wonderful. Thank you for an awesome show! 


And sometimes it hits me and I'm just like...

Kari Lynch Band's merch hanging out next to Alabama's merch. :) 

Getting to meet all of you wonderful people after the show is one of the reasons why I love what I do so much. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for coming over to say hello. Thank you for taking my CD's and T-shirts and posters home with you. Thank you for the love. It means the world to me. I hope I can always return all that love right back to you. <3 

Nice to finally meet you gals...we've been friends on twitter for awhile now. :) 

<3 <3 <3 <3 

Randy's BBQ was AWESOME to us! They gave us all the BBQ we could handle...and we handled a lot. ;) Thank you so much guys! I'm not lying when I say that I am still craving it. Seriously some of the BEST BBQ I have ever had.

Bayou Billy Sweet Dixie Tea was incredible to us too! They gave our whole crew mugs to keep filling up all night with sweet tea, cream soda, root beer...all the good stuff. Such sweet people to do that! I got super spoiled with food and drinks at this show. :) 

So GOOD! Check out their Facebook Page

Alabama was PHENOMENAL!  

Rockin' out side-stage to one of my favorite songs. :) 

Watched and rocked out Alabama's show side-stage with, Randy's sweet wife, Kelly. Jaimie and I both got to chat with her quite a bit and we both LOVED how full of love she was. It was awesome to hear how she and, Randy met, how it was when they were first starting out (before anyone even knew who Alabama was), and how much love they both have for their children, each other and for helping people. I could not get over how awesome it was that, Randy kept on looking over at her during his set. They love each other so much and it was beautiful to witness that. She gave both, Jaimie and I some angel pendants and said to always keep them and keep God close no matter what. <3 

And then I got to meet some heroes of mine. Holy smokes you guys. This was pretty dang amazing. 

Randy is hilarious. He has such a warm, light and inviting personality. You can tell how much he and all the guys in the band love and appreciate their fans. I believe that's why they have been able to have the success that they have. They genuinely care and appreciate all of the folks who come out to their shows and who have supported them throughout their career. It's just nice to be around those kinds of vibes. I was truly in the presence of greatness.

I couldn't stop smiling. I was like, "You guys gave me your autographs when I was 8 years old at a county fair and now I'm opening for you...also I made up a line dance to "I'm in a Hurry" when I was a little kid and made my whole family watch me perform it." They got a pretty good kick out of that. :) 

Amazing day! I stopped so many times and had to look around to just take it in. It's a crazy feeling to get to realize goals and dreams. I never take a second for granted. I am so lucky and blessed that I get to do what I do. I dreamed about sharing a stage with Alabama my whole life...and it actually happened. It actually happened! That is NUTS you guys...just bananas! Can you tell that I still kind of can't believe it? :) 

"Some dreams keep on getting better; you gotta keep believing if you wanna know for sure." 

Thanks for reading y'alls. 

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari