Monday, September 29, 2014

Photo Shootin' with Sharon K

I meant to post this blog about my photo shoot with Sharon K a while ago, but alas, I got busy and my blogging took a backseat to life. Now that things are slowing just a bit, I can get back to regular blogging. Hooray! I've really missed posting.

I have worked with Sharon K for a few years. She shot my last two album covers and has done various promotional work for me. Every time I have an album cover, need new promotional materials, need anything that involves photography, I call her. I absolutely LOVE working with her. She has the incredible ability to take the vision I give her and make it something really special. I love the level of comfort I feel with her and the way she catches beautiful moments of light or sees something inspiring or magical in a certain setting.

I wanted to share some of my photos from my most recent experience with Sharon K in Muskegon, MI. Thank you for reading on. All of my outfit details are at the end of this post for anyone wanting to know. :)

 My best gal and the one who makes my tresses look so sparkly - Sara Catherine. She and, Lisa Richards from Cheeky Strut are AMAZING on hair and makeup. Seriously. If you need hair and/or makeup done for any event or photo shoot, these are your chicks. They are incredible and I am SO LUCKY that I get to have them in my corner making me feel so pretty all the time. :) 

The photo above was taken at the end of the shoot. By this point my hair was a wee bit wind blown. :) 

Found a quaint garden downtown and took a few shots. Got some pretty sunlight in this one. The wind was going NUTS when we first got into town. Luckily we were still able to get a few shots during the moments when it would settle down for a second. 

Downtown Muskegon, MI had some neat little areas with a lot of charm. We spotted this old blue barn door on our way to another location and we had to stop and get a few photos. I'm so glad we did because this is one of my favorites. 

Rockin' one of my very favorite pairs of Corral Boots in this photo. These boots seriously go with everything and they are so comfy and well-made. If you're looking for an affordable, good boot from a company that has a ton of awesome and different designs, you need to check out Corrals. They are the best on and off stage! 

There was this beautiful willow tree and random little patch of field right in the middle of downtown Muskegon along the water. Dusk was beginning to fall and we got some stunning light out of the whole deal. Again, credit goes to, Sharon for catching the beauty of the scene. 

After we finished in the field, we made our way over to the beach to grab some shots with the sunset. It may not look it in the pictures, but it was FREEZING cold. FREEZING. Haha. I was shivering in between shots and just trying to "think warm thoughts" the entire time. It was totally worth it though. The shots we got down at the beach are some of my favorites of the day. 

My favorite songwriting buddy, my Breedlove Guitar. I adore Breedlove Guitars and this one has been with me the longest! I've written some of my favorite songs on this beaut. :) 

This might be my favorite shot of the day. Such a cool picture. My Breedlove looks epic. Haha. 

Hippie Heart. Gypsy Soul. Quick outfit change in the car. Very glamourous. ;) 

Peace. Love. Music. 

You can find Sharon K photography online on her Facebook Page or her Website. If you need any help getting in contact with her to get work done, just let me know! Thanks for reading y'alls!

Nothin But Love

xo - Kari


Guitar - Breedlove Guitar 

Black Lace Dress (blue barn door photo) - Free People (Similar)
Women's Bone Floral Stitch (blue barn door photo) - Corral Boots

Open-Knit Batwing Cardigan (lake/field photo) - Forever 21
Black Crochet Crop Top (lake/field photo) - Forever 21 (Similar)

Black Maxi Skirt (lake/field photo) - Free People (Similar)

Rose Beach Dress (beach photos) - Free People (Similar)
Open-Knit Maxi Cardigan (beach photos) - Forever 21 (Similar)
Floral Crown (beach photos) - Homemade by me. :)