Monday, October 13, 2014

Summer 2014 - another one for the books!

Is it really fall already? 

Summer flew by y'all. I should be used to how fast life moves by now, the busier and busier it gets, but it still finds a way to surprise me. As I move into the fall season and wrap up an awesome summer tour schedule that included shows with, Dierks Bentley, Alabama and some amazing summer festivals and concert series, I'm reminded how lucky I am to get to do what I do, how much fun summer was, AND how excited I am about our fall show schedule. Here are some highlights from the end of summer and the first few shows from our fall schedule so far. :) 

Midland River Days Festival - Midland, MI - July 18, 2014

Got to see my family and friends at this festival. Love getting to play so close to my hometown. <3

Sometimes when my momma comes to shows she gets suckered into working her daughter's merchandise table. :P She did an awesome job! Thanks, momma. 

I got to shoot over to Detroit and hang out with, Phil Vassar and crew after my show. I love this guy! So dang talented and such a great songwriter. 

Taste of Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids, MI - July 26, 2014

Brian and I got our picture with THIS it was a prrrretty successful evening. Awesome crowd that night! xo

Rouge River Blues Concert Series - Rockford, MI - Aug 5. 2014

Before we played the Blues Series, I stopped in to play some tunes at Rockford's summer school program. These kids were so awesome! 

They were a VERY "tough" crowd. ;) 

 Could NOT believe how many people came out to the show. My heart was SO full. 

Liam (Jaime's son) has pretty much become a part of our band. Here he is "helping" load in for the night. ;) 

Kalamazoo Rib Fest - Kalamazoo, MI - August 9. 2014

Awesome crowd. AWESOME show. 

Y'all were a phenomenal bunch. 

One of my favorite shows from this summer. :) 

Kentwood Summer Concert Series - Kentwood, MI - August 13, 2014

We got done with soundcheck we danced. :) We had such a good time playing this concert series. Thank you to a very attentive and welcoming crowd!

Park Township Concert Series - Holland, MI - July 20, 2014

The sun was a shinnin'! It was so hot, but so much fun! 

Vibe at 5 - Battle Creek, MI - July 22, 2014

So much love at this show. I can't tell you how awesome it was to see so many people out in the crowd singing my songs back to me. You guys made my night! Thank you for welcoming us back to Battle Creek so wonderfully. Can't wait to come back and hang out with all y'alls again soon! 

The Row & Two Old Hippies - Nashville, TN 

Made a quick trip to Nashville to play a couple shows. Had a blast playing for my first time at The Row! 

I DO! 

A buncha dang dweebs. 

Also played for my fist time at Two Old Hippies in Nashville. I LOVE this place! I purchased my last two guitars here (my Breedlove and my Bedell). The staff is awesome and we had such a good time playing our tunes. I'm heading back to play there again on November 13th! 

Paw Paw Wine & Harvest Festival - Paw Paw, MI - September 6, 2014

I've played the Wine and Harvest Fest in Paw Paw, MI before and the guys and I always have the BEST time. Loved playing for the crowd this year. That was one of the most fun times I had on stage all summer...I'm sure it had nothing to do with the generosity of them letting us sample the wine. ;) My favorite...the peach honey white wine. Oh. My Lawwwwd. 

The Row and The Southern Belle Fest - Nashville, TN - September 24/25, 2014

Got to head back to Nashville, TN and play the Artist Spotlight at The Row again with, Ryder and Jeffrey. Awesome night! 

Spotted this poster at one of my favorite coffee spots in Nashville (The Frothy Monkey) the day of the show. 

Oh ya know, just a casual photo of, Jeffrey and Ryder being totally normal and not creepy at all...nothing to see here, folks. Nothing to see. 

Can someone bring me an ice cream cone this big please, k thanks. :) 

Getting ready to hit the stage. 

This was a fun group. Acme Feed & Seed is such a cool venue! SO many talented folks on the stage that night. 

Park Theater - Holland, MI - September 26, 2014

Excellent show at The Park Theater in Holland, MI. Such a cool venue and what a great crowd! I was stoked to see so many people come out the show. Hope we can come back again soon!

And of course...

Getting to share a stage with Alabama! Cheesin' so huge here. These are the coolest dudes and this was an unforgettable night. 

Opening for this talented guy! I'll never for this show in LaPorte, IN. Dierks Bentley is the coolest dude and he and his crew are the nicest people ever. 


Crashing my pal, Brian Lorente's set and rockin' it out with Frankie Ballard. This was fun. :)

The cutest boy ever in the crowd. Such a sweetie! 

This girl is an absolute sweetheart and has been such a supporter of my music since forever! It was fun to see, Katie out in that crowd! 


I love looking through all of these pictures and remembering how much fun I got to have playing shows and traveling this summer. The best part...the best is yet to come! Thank you to all the new friends we made along the way and thank you to all of you who continue to come out to my shows and give so much love and support. It means the world, you guys. See y'all this fall and winter!  <3 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

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