Friday, July 31, 2015

Keep On Rollin'...

Hi there!

The last few weeks have been an absolute blast. I got to play some awesome shows and meet tons of new fans/friends. Here are some of my favorite moments. Thank you to all who came out to make it so much fun!


The Beaver Island Music Festival - Beaver Island, MI
July 16-19. 2015

I can not tell you how much FUN we had playing this festival and staying on Beaver Island for three days. Holy. Smokes. We played two sets, one on Thursday night and one on Saturday night. The crowds for both shows were fantastic. It was awesome sharing the stage with some phenomenal bands as well. The vibes backstage were just cool, man. Everyone was giving everyone encouragement and love. My favorite thing was how different each band was. In the entire lineup, there were no two bands that were alike. I loved it! The music ranged from country, to folk, to pop, to blues, to funk and everything in between, and every band owned the stage.

The Beaver Island Crew and volunteers were incredible as well. It's always crazy to me to see the finished product for an event like this and think about the amount of hard work that goes into getting all of those bands organized, dealing with the last minute unexpected details that come up, and doing it with such grace and efficiency...not to mention they are also dealing with the fact that this festival is on an island! The Beaver Island crew were great to work with and I really hope we can come back and play this festival again soon!

"Ohhhh, we're on our way to play the Beaver Island Music Festival..." :)

We're on a boat. We took a lovely two and a half hour ferry ride over to the island. The weather was beautiful! 

Lake Michigan, you are a pretty one. 

Captain Mr. Burger. I think we all sported the Mr. Burger hat at some point during our stay on Beaver Island. 

We had the best welcome crew! Thank you, Dennis and Kim for the awesome sign and for being so great to me and the guys. Best hosts ever! 

Seriously, we could not have had better hosts for the weekend. The Molines and family went above and beyond to make sure our first Beaver Island experience was one for the books. They even cooked gluten free / vegetarian meals for me. Thank you guys so much for making this festival so much fun us and showing us the island! We loved getting to know you all better and hanging out! 

Playing the festival was a BLAST. Awesome crowds, beautiful weather, wonderful comradery between the bands. We really enjoyed playing our music for everyone and getting to know so many wonderful folks! Thank you all for the wonderful welcome!

In the Kari Lynch Band...we dance, always we dance.

We went sight seeing on our day off...had to visit The Big Tree! 

...and The Big Rock!

...And casually take band photos on the lighthouse staircase of course. 

Nothing like a Vander Mill Cider, Lake Michigan, good people and a beautiful day. :) 

Got to do an interview with 100.1 WVBI. We chatted about the festival, future tour dates and they played a couple of my songs on air. Thank you for having me! It was a pleasure to chat with you! 

Keepin' it classy.

And then we got band tattoos!!!! 

...Henna band Tattoos...don't worry mom. ;) 

There was a huge bonfire circle that everyone hung out and jammed at the end of each night. We were sitting there and the sweetest little girl came over to me and asked if I wanted her to make me a s'more...and it was the best s'more (minus the graham cracker) that I've ever had. :) 

Had such an awesome, awesome weekend playing music with these guys. I am lucky to know such wonderful and talented musicians and people, and even luckier that I get to make music with them. 

This is, Jacob. We met after my first show at the festival. He is awesome and was out there supporting all of the bands all weekend. :) It was nice to meet you, Jacob! I hope that I get to see you at another show again soon! (Thanks for the sweet picture too) :) 

On the island, we stayed at The Brothers Place. It's a historic montessori turned bed and breakfast and it was incredibly charming. I'm such a nerd for history and I just absolutely loved this place. Each room had a historic theme and there was a HUGE porch out front where I read and had coffee in the morning. Speaking of coffee, they had an INSANE vintage coffee cup collection. It blew mine out of the water. I was geeking out so much over all the different mugs. Ha! Thank you for housing me and the guys for the weekend! 


Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival - Chelsea, MI 
July 24. 2015

We played the Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival for the first time and it was a BLAST. I cannot say enough about the amazing stage and sound crew. They were on top of everything, I mean everything and it was so appreciated. When you play different places all the time, you appreciate and notice when folks have got it together. This stage crew was so friendly and knew what they were doing. The sound was awesome as well. Really loved everything about this show. All the folks we met in Chelsea were friendly and so kind to us, and what a sweet crowd! Thank you all. xo

Chatting with Brian from W4 Country 102.9 before our show. Thanks for having me on to chat about our show and my first time playing the Chelsea Sights and Sounds Festival! (p.s - No, I am not posing here...I guess I just naturally stand like that...weirdo).

Soundcheck, check. 

Chelsea! We loved playing for you! You all were such a fun, wonderful and welcoming crowd. Thank you for showing us love and having a stellar time with us. You made our first trip to Chelsea a riot! Hope we can come back soon! 


Sangin' and playin'...Playin' and sangin' - Breedlove Guitar. :)

Hi, my name is Kari and my dance moves on stage AREN'T super dorky or anything...
Finger guns! 

Holy smokes did I miss these faces! It was so, so good to see you Leslie and John Reasoner. I'm so glad you made it to the show. Leslie and John have been supporting my music since I started playing. It is crazy to think that there are folks who have been following my career and listening to my music for years! It means the world to me to know that y'all still are rooting for me and taking time out of your lives to come to my shows. Love you guys! Let's never go that long without seeing each other again, ok? 


Taste of Grand Rapids - Grand Rapids, MI
July 25. 2015

It's always nice to get to play on your home turf. Taste of Grand Rapids was a killer time. We played earlier in the day because my friends, Sean and Chrissy were getting married that afternoon and I didn't want to miss their wedding. I wasn't sure what to expect with an earlier set, but y'all came out! I should also mention that it was a MILLION degrees outside. Thank you for sitting and sweating in that hot, hot sun with us for an hour. You made me forget how hot it was because I was having so much dang fun playing for you. Thank you 93.7 B93 Country Radio and Taste of Grand Rapids for having us, and thank you to ALL the folks who came out. You guys make this so much fun for me and I can never thank you enough for that! 

Hey, Sarah! Thank you for coming to the show! Sarah has been following my music and supporting me since she first saw me play at the Intersection in Grand Rapids with Thomas Rhett a couple years ago. It is SO cool to know that you stay up to date with what I am doing after all that time. You made my day! Thank you for coming over to say hello. :) I'm so glad you were able to come and I hope to see you out at another show again soon! xo


The Grill House - Allegan, MI
July 26.2015

Chris and I ended one heck of a busy week in Michigan with an acoustic duo show in Allegan at The Grill House. This place is adorable. The outside stage and seating area is really neat. AND...they had great gluten free pizza. ;) It was nice to play a laid back show after such a busy week. I like acoustic shows because I get a chance to play some songs that I don't always get to play at the bigger, full band shows. It was also nice to have some time to chat with new friends we made that night, and folks who've seen us play before and came out to this show. Ron and Betty were two of those people. They saw us for the first time at the Chelsea Sights and Sounds festival just a couple days prior, saw that we were playing in Allegan and made the drive over to see us again. That just blows me away. I kept having people come up and say, "I saw you play Rib Fest last summer in Kalamazoo and I've been following you since," or "Saw you open for so and so and wanted to catch you again." You all seriously don't know what you do for me when you share that stuff with me. It makes me think that I'm doing something right, at least once in awhile. ;) Thank you. <3 

Thank you for the photo, Dori! 

I made myself a promise that I would try to make it a point to make sure I took time to enjoy and live in the moment this summer. Sometimes I just have to stand back, thank God and go, "Whoa." This summer tour schedule has been insanely busy and on top of that a lot of big changes and loss has happened in my personal life. It's so easy for me to get wrapped up in the "Where do I have to be next and when and where after that and what are the details for that show and when will I sleep and how am I going to get that done and geez I should probably try to write a song or two and man I really wasn't planning on that happening and how am I going to get through this and..." It never ends. But in the midst of it all, this life is truly an amazing gift and this summer has been incredibly rewarding and eye opening. I thank God every single day for the life he has given me, the good, the bad, the confusing, the unknown...all of it. Because all of it is making me a better person, a better songwriter, a better musician and allowing me to love the people in my life more. The gratitude I feel is made possible by the shows I get to play, The wonderful people I get to meet along the way, the music I get to make and the people I get to have alongside me on this journey. I honestly don't know how I would get through life without music and the chance to make it. I really don't. Music and all of you who are so supportive of my big dreams are what keep me afloat when it would be so easy to sink down in all the craziness and just throw my hands up.

Thanks for being there, guys. Thanks for listening. Thanks for always giving me a reason to keep reaching and keep dreaming. I really do love you all so much.

Nothin' but love.

xo - Kari

Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm Walkin' On Sunshine, Whoaaaaaa. :)

Well hello sunny July! (when the heck did July happen by the way?)

Summer shows have been AWESOME so far, you guys. Just awesome. I always look forward to these months of travel, festivals, concert series, fairs, meeting new folks and playing music in the sunshine. The only part about it that I don't like is how fast it goes by. For real though. It's July right now, August is right around the corner and I don't even remember how we got here so fast. 

Here are some of the highlights from this wonderful and busy summer of music so far. :) 


Lowell Showboat Summer Concert Series - Lowell, MI

I LOVE playing this concert series. It is one that I have gotten to play in the past and I always look forward to this stage. This year was another reminder why I have such an affection for playing this series in Lowell. We were on the brink of a rain storm the entire evening, but it held off just long enough and I was so stoked that the crowd stayed and stuck it out with us until the end. You guys were so great and showed us so much love. Thank you for having me and the guys again this year Lowell! I hope this is a concert series that we will always be able to come back and play throughout the years. :) 

Thank you Lowell, MI <3

Oh haiiii. :)

Love playing my Breedlove guitar


Hugs all around! :)

Love these two! They've been coming out to shows since I first started playing them and they sat in the crowd and sang every one of my songs word for word. That means the world to me. <3

These guys are pretty darn cool. 


Three Rivers Water Festival - Three Rivers, MI

Me and the guys had an absolute BLAST playing the Three Rivers Water Festival. It was my first time playing this festival and we received the warmest, most wonderful welcome. And I do mean warmest. It was SO HOT. My hair and makeup looked cute for a total of about 2 minutes into the show. So totally worth it though. Thank you for the awesome night, Three Rivers. I had so much fun singing with you and meeting you all. <3 

Productivity while setting up. I love these two a lot, a lot. 

Couldn't stop smiling. :) 

Killer crowd! Holy smokes was there a ton of you! It went so far back that I couldn't even see everyone. Thanks for coming out guys! 

"Leave a light on for me, why don't you leave it on..."

I love what I get to do and I am forever grateful that my "job" puts this kind of smile on my face.

Really don't know what I would do without this one. Love her so much. Thanks for being my lifeline, Jaimes. xo 


Art in the Garden Festival - Gaylord, MI

It was great getting to travel up north again this summer. Northern Michigan is, I think, one of the most beautiful places in the country. In the summer time, there is just no better place to be. Plus, every time I play up north I get to see a lot of family and friends since that's where I grew up. The Art in the Garden festival in Gaylord was so pretty and it was a treat to see my whole family there. 

I have this thing where I can't stop eating Sour Patch Kids, especially when I travel. They are my GO TO road snack. The amount of Sour Patch that I consumed during my west coast tour is probably not even socially acceptable. Anywho, stopped for gas on the way to Gaylord and the gas station was selling them on special. ON SPECIAL YOU GUYS. So...I bought a bunch of bags because I have an addiction and then I ate them all because I have a problem. I guess everyone has their "thing."

In real life, they really do like me. ;) 

Momma. <3

My big brother and, Jessie. He is about to be a dad for the first time! My first nephew comes along in just a few months!!!

Grams and Gramps, these are two of the best people I will ever know in this life. Love them so much.


Relax at Rosa - Grand Rapids, MI 

I also got to play a new summer concert series in Grand Rapids called Relax at Rosa. It's a cool lunch time concert series that happens every Thursday throughout the summer. It was so fun! Kind of cool to play a show in the middle of the afternoon for folks to enjoy while they are on their break from work. We had a great crowd and a gorgeous day. Thank you to everyone who came out! I wasn't sure what to expect and it sure was nice to see so many people come to hang. :) 

Chris and I played the Relax at Rosa Series as an acoustic duo. :) 


Clarkston Summer Concert in the Park - Clarkston, MI

This is another one of my very favorite summer concert series to play. So many folks come out to this concert in the park and they are the sweetest people. My heart was bursting the whole way home from all the love I felt at this show. Thank you to everyone who clapped, sang along, bought my CD's and t-shirts and posters and gave me so much encouragement and kind words. You guys made my night. And holy smokes does this town have some adorable kiddos! What a fun night hanging out with you, Clarkston! Hope to see you all again soon! xo 

Oh, just haaaaang around before our show. ;) 

Bandmates, BFF's, it's all the same. 

Photo Cred - Phil Custodio

I adore this picture. I wasn't kidding when I said that the kids at this show were devastatingly adorable. I gave away a lot of high fives. This little dude melted my heart. He came over to me after the show and in the cutest little voice said, "Excuse me, um, excuse me, Miss...could I please get another one of those high fives." I mean!!! Just take my heart little guy, it's yours. 

I was SO thrilled to see my guy, Carson at this show! He has been one of my biggest fans and I just love this kid to pieces. He puts the biggest smile on my face when I see him out in the crowd singing and nodding along. Thank you, Carson! I love you! 

Met this beautiful and sweet girl after the show. Hope I get to see you at another show again soon girl! Thank you for being such a sweetheart! xo 


When I write these blogs recapping shows I feel like the luckiest person in the world that I get to play music for a living and that people want to hear the music that I write. Writing music is my heart and soul and getting to perform my music and play shows is a blessing I will never stop being thankful for. I'll never be able to explain how much it means to me that you all give me these moments in life. Thank you! I am so excited for the rest of these summer shows. Tons more coming up throughout July and August. Can't wait to see y'all out there! 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari