Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Summer Ain't Over Yet...

This summer has been incredibly good to me. I have traveled so much, played some awesome shows, seen friendly faces, given out A LOT of high fives and I've met a TON of new friends and fans.

Here are some highlights from the last few weeks. I can't believe summer is almost over you guys, but I am so blessed that it has been so great!


Rockford Rouge River Blues Series - Rockford, MI 
August 11. 2015

This show was a blasty blast in a half. I could not believe how many people were in that amazing crowd and how much LOVE they showed us. The crowd was huge! There were folks lined on the sides of the stage, behind the stage, and even folks listening from their kayaks out in the water. I couldn't see all the way back. You all made it so fun for me and the guys. We seriously could have rocked all night long if they would've let us! Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such a special night.

Ready to ROCK!

INSANE crowd. So much dang fun! 

This is what happens when I get to sing a Patsy Cline song and listen to my bandmates play it beautifully. 

<3 <3 <3 !!!

Summer shows, Corral Boots and Breedlove Guitars. <3 

Selfie! Got to meet this beauty at the show. Hope to see you again soon, Sadie! 

The Moline's. Love them! They are just the kindest and most fun people. They have been huge supporters of my band for a long time. It's awesome to get to see them out in the crowd. :) 

Kari, it was so good to see you! I still think you have the coolest name ever...just sayin'. ;) 

This is, Trevor...what a little heartbreaker. 

Momma got to come to the show! xoxoxoxo

Let me just fix your hair for ya. ;) 

Ryd and Jake being normal. 


Kent County Youth Fair - Lowell, MI
August 12. 2015

Holy smokes we had so much fun playing the fair in Lowell. Not only was it an awesome crowd, we had WAY too much fun jamming together. I just kept looking around and smiling because the vibe on stage was so awesome that night. I had so many, "I love my life" and "I love my job" moments on stage. Thank you to everyone who came to that show and helped to make it one for the books! <3

I could not love these guys more if I tried. I am incredibly lucky and blessed that I get to create and play music with them. They are the best people and musicians I know. 

KLB. <3

Britni, you could not be more of a sweetheart if you tried! Thank you for being a fan for so long and for always encouraging and supporting me and my music. It means the world. xo

As you can see, no fun at all was had at this show... ;) 

Jeffrey and Ryder KILLED it. The whole band KILLED it. I am so blessed to play with these guys. 

Thanks for being a fantastic crowd y'all. xo 

The sweet and beautiful girls who created my first "fan page" on Instagram (Kari.Lynch.Fan.Page) were at the show and took these pictures. Thank you girls from the bottom of my heart for being so sweet to me. 

Love this little peanut. She is one of my biggest fans and when we play she dances and sings all of my songs the ENTIRE time. <3 

We made the paper. :)


Celadon Summer Concert Series - Aug 13. 2015
Grand Rapids, MI

I got to play this fun concert series for the first time this summer opening for the very talented, Lucas Wilson and the Bad Disciples. Chris and I played a broken down acoustic set. It was so fun! Thank you to the wonderful crowd for the lovely welcome. I really hope that I can play this one again! 


Moose Fest with 107 MUS - August 15. 2015
Muskegon, MI

I'm not kidding when I say this was one of the BEST weeks of playing I had this summer. Moose Fest was AWESOME. I got to share the stage with some super talented folks and what a phenomenal crowd! I always go out to my merch table or the signing area after the show because I want the chance to meet as many of you wonderful folks who come out to my shows as possible. I was blown away when I went out to my merch table after I played my set. HO-LY smokes. There was a line that I could not see the end of and for over two hours straight I got to meet you all and sign and give high fives and it was so awesome. Thank you all for waiting in that hot sun and for all of the sweet words you had for me. You guys truly have no idea how much you made my day and inspire me. 

What an awesome lineup to be a part of! Thank you for having me Moose Fest!

Chris made a friend backstage before our set. A-dorbs! ;) 

Chris and I had a blast playing for you guys. 

Muskegon...Y'ALL ROCK. 

How could I ever not love my life when I get to play cool shows and have amazing views like this? 

Thank you.

The most unbelievable feeling coming out to a line like this after a show. It never, never gets old. <3 

Signing and sayin' hello. :) 

She was a doll. All she wanted was her arm signed a big hug! :)

This girl is such a fighter and so inspiring. It was wonderful to finally get to meet you girl. <3


Hudsonville Concerts on the Green - Hudsonville, MI
August 20. 2015

It was also my first year playing the Hudsonville Summer Concert on the Green Series. It was weirdly chilly out for August in Michigan. People showed up wearing jackets and covering themselves with blankets and I wore my long sleeve oversized sweater on stage (true story). It got so chilly right when we arrived for set up. It was a perfect fall evening in the middle of summer. I secretly kind of loved it because I love fall so much, but a teeny tiny little bit more sunshine would have been nice. ;) Big thanks to everyone who braved the threat of rain and bundled up to hang out with us anyway. It was so fun playing music for you! 

See, I wasn't kidding about the oversized was cold.



Summer 2015 has been a blast. This weekend I head back up to Michigan to open for Trace Adkins at the Ionia Country Jam on Aug 29th. I am PUMPED. It will be such a fun show and such a phenomenal way to close out the summer. Then on to fall and recording a NEW much to come and I just know the best hasn't happened yet. (that is saying a lot because I have gotten to do some pretty freakin' awesome things). I'm happy I started this blog and can look back on everything I've gotten to do these past few years. What a beautiful and fun adventure it has been so far. Not slowing down any time soon y'all. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I love you. <3

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari