Monday, September 7, 2015

Blaring Charlie Daniels, yelling, turn it up...

Hey cats and kittens!

So then it was September. Really?! Not that I am mad about it (I love fall SO much), but I can't actually believe it.

Anywho! It's true. It's September and summer 2015 is finito! I got to end summer with a bang though, Saturday, August 29, at the first ever Ionia Country Jam opening for Mr. Trace Adkins. It rained pretty much the entire day, but it was still a blast and a wonderful little reminder of how totally awesome country music fans are. Y'all just ROCKED right through the rain with us. It's funny how in the beginning of the day I was trying to stay all dry and keep my hair and makeup looking cute, but after getting out on stage and seeing y'all just ready to go no matter what, I totally stopped caring about that and just wanted to have a great time with you...hence the forthcoming photos you're about to see where my hair and makeup is maaaaaaybe not the best. Ha! At some point, nature always wins. :)


Ionia Country Jam - August 29. 2015
Ionia, Michigan

Sometimes when you have a lot of downtime before your soundcheck, so you play football with your bandmates and friends.

Thank y'all for hanging in there through all the rain and rockin' with us. Country music fans are  THEBOMB.COM

The Ionia Country Jam was extra awesome because not only was it a super rad show, the whole event benefitted the Wounded Warrior Project and Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument. It's the greatest when we can all come together to enjoy music AND make a difference. 

<3 Love Scotty back there just smiling away. ;) 

The very talented, Susan Mora joined us for this show and it was an absolute pleasure to play with her again. She is so wonderfully talented! 

Love, is a burnin' thing and it makes a fiery ring... 

Life is good when I get to play music with these talented people. 

This is Jodi and she had my back all day. Thanks for the awesome security detail and fun chats, Jodi! Tell your daughter I said hello and to keep on sangin'! 

These two people are fantastic. I don't know how y'all aren't so totally sick of seeing me play since you have been to A MILLION shows, but I'm so glad you're not. Love seeing you sing along to every song out in that crowd and love that I have gotten to know you both over the last few years. Thank you for the support and encouragement you always give me. Love y'all! 

It was nice to meet you girls! Thanks for coming over to say hello after the show! :)

The same goes for you, Sherry...thank you for all the ways you have supported me for so many years! I love how excited you still get when I start one of my songs that is a favorite of yours and then you sing every lyric. It means so much more than you'll ever know! I can't wait to get "Know What You Know" and 'Nothin' That a Shot Won't Fix" recorded for you! :)

Hey girl haaaaaay! Thank you for coming over to say hello after the show AND for your fantastic crowd participation! You are awesome! :)

Hey, Katie! It was nice to meet you! :)

Got to see my ol' pal, Liam "the Leprechaun" Lynch. It was so nice to chat with you again! 

Thanks for coming over to chat after my show, guys! :)

Trace...doin' the dang thing. His performance was awesome. My dad is such a huge fan. It was so fun getting to tell him that I was opening for, Trace Adkins and then get to have him come to the show and see us both perform. He stayed out WAY past his bedtime, but told me it was totally worth it. ;) Thank you for having us, Trace Adkins! Absolute pleasure to share a stage with you! 

Goodnight , folks


This show was such a great way to end an awesome Summer of shows I will not forget. I'm super pumped for Fall, you guys, and not just because Fall is my favorite season but because it means that I am going to start recording my new album soon! I have never been more excited to record a body of work in my life. Thank you all for giving me some awesome memories and a lot of love to carry into this next season. I loooooove y'all so much more than you will ever know. 

Nothin' but love

xo - Kari 

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