Saturday, October 24, 2015

It's officially fall y'all...

It is officially fall y'all, my favorite season of all y'all! :)

I am loving the cool weather, autumn sunsets, pretty colors and pumpkin EVERYTHING. I'm taking a little bit of time off from playing shows right now (just until February), but I got to play some real fun ones to wrap up summer and start off fall. Here are some of the highlights.

Cheff Center - Augusta, MI 
September 11. 2015

We had a BLAST playing this show, but maybe the biggest highlight was discovering that tiny plastic forks will stick and stay in Brian's lumberjack beard. Fascinating. 

Rosa Parks Circle - Grand Rapids, MI     
September 17. 2015

Ryd and I had a supa dupa time playing acoustic tunes in downtown Grand Rapids for the Relax at Rosa Concert Series. We ended up getting the most beautiful September day. It was fun trying out some new tunes. Thanks to everyone who came out hang out and say hello. Good to see so many familiar faces too. :) 


The Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
September 19. 2015

We had two shows on September 19. The first was the Wine and Swine Benefit for United Way at The Intersection. Chris and I played an acoustic set. I wore my new bright red pants. Needed a little extra pizzaz for a two-show day. :)  

Tomato pants.

Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts - Fremont, MI 
September 19. 2015

The Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts will always be one of my favorite, favorite venues to play. This was the second time I've gotten to play here and it was wonderful. The staff and crew are always incredibly accommodating to us and the folks who come are the most wonderful and attentive audience. Thanks for letting us play this stage again and thanks for giving me and the guys an awesome night y'all. I was feelin' the love. <3  


"Kari, why do you take so many pictures?!"

Almost showtime. Laxin' 

Always a little neat to see your face on a billboard screen. :)

Thanks guys! We had an awesome night too! 


Liberation of Michigan Festival - Monroe, MI 
September 27. 2015

Got to head back to Monroe, MI to play this new first year festival. It was the most BEAUTIFUL day with a fun and attentive crowd. What more can you really ask for? Thanks for having me Monroe! I love playing this city! :)

Pretty day to play outside. 

The Eddy Festival during Art Prize
Grand Rapids, MI - October 2. 2015

The guys and I got to be a part of the first ever Eddy Festival in Grand Rapids during Art Prize. We had a blast with all the folks who came out to the show. It was FREEZING cold and I was stoked to see people come out to sing songs with us anyway! Seriously, y'all are absolute rockstars for hanging out in the wind and rain. Thank you. I really hope this festival comes back even bigger and better next year, and I hope I get to be a part of it again. I think it has some serious potential to be a cool way to make music more a part of the Art Prize festivities. Thank you for having us PorterHouse Productions! 

Soundcheck...check. Such a beautiful venue!

Backstage funnies. 

Balancing Brian's head...we're idiots.

I love these crazy mates of mine a lot, a lot. 

Mark and his crew did an excellent job running the stage and sound for this event. Top notch guys. Hope we can work with y'all again in the future! 

I love her. I say this all the time, but I sincerely have no idea what I would do in life without this girl. She is the absolute BEST tour manager I could ask for, but an even better friend. I love you, Jaimes!

Pre-show good luck kisses from my favorite, the beautiful Ms. Britta from B-93 Country Radio

 The stage lighting was pretty radical. 

Rock Out.

You guys looked good out there. :)

Stellar shot of me, Ryd, and Jake jammin' - taken by my super talented friend, David Keller! - Keller Media Productions

The more pictures I see like this one, the more I realize how much I need to wrangle in my use of "finger guns" on, so many finger guns going off when I play. All the time. 

These shots by Tori Thomas are awesome! 

Sincerely, Gone. Bah Felicia!

So many people singing along to, "Me and a Bottle of Wine" and my other original songs. You guys make me smile, a lot. Thank you for that. :)

Kristen Leigh Smith nabbed some cool shots as well! Thanks for posting these girl! xo

Oh you know, just signing my "Keep Calm and Kari On" koozies at the merchandise table and free-drawing beavers...the ush. Epic art skills, I know. :P

Haha! Nice to see you all again! Thanks for coming to this show! :)


ArtPrize shows - Grand Rapids, MI
October 3 / October 4. 2015

I also got to play a couple solo acoustic shows while I was back home in Michigan. I got to meet some sweet folks and play out the song I entered into the ArtPrize contest this year, "Better Than Today." It's fun getting to play these types of shows. I get to play songs that I don't always get to play out at the bigger, full band shows. Thanks to everyone who came out to listen. Grand Rapids has such an incredible and supportive listening community. I'm lucky I founded my band in this city. I wouldn't have it any other way and I'll always be so happy to call Grand Rapids home base.

By the way, I made "Better Than Today" avaible on iTunes. You can find it by clicking this link! >


Exciting things ahead y'all! As I said earlier,  I'm taking a little break from playing shows until the end of February. Buuuuut, that's only because I'm writing a ton of new music, planning tours for winter, spring and this summer...AND RECORDING my brand new album in Nashville THIS January. 

Guys...guys, I'm so dang stoked! I'll give y'all some more details about the new album soon, but I can tell you that I have never been this excited to create a record before in my life! I can't wait to get this music and this project in your hands. Thank you for the continued support, encouragement and love. You guys truly are reason this train keeps moving and I appreciate it every. single. day... more than you'll ever know. <3

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari 

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