Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Summa Summa Summa Tour...

Oh my gosh, is it possible? Did I actually catch my blog up in time to leave for tour tomorrow?!

I mean, just barely in time...

But yay!

I wanted to write a blogpost to RECAP the wonderful summer tour we had traveling and playing shows. I think I had more fun playing shows this summer than I ever have. That is not to say I didn't have fun other summers or didn't play shows I liked as much. I just think this summer was fun not only because of the supa rad shows we played, but also because of the people I got to make music with.

Thank you to all of those who made it out to shows this summer and made it such a BLAST for me and the guys!

Check out some of my favorite moments from Summer 2016 below...


Grand Rapids, MI - We played a fun show at the Van Andel Arena and maybe had even more fun jammin' and being goofs backstage than onstage. I had been on an acoustic tour and I hadn't seen these guys in almost 3 months. It was good to see them and make music with them again. 


Kalamazoo, MI - Kari Lynch Fan Family doubles as security sometimes...who knew?!

Grand Rapids, MI - We opened for Native Run at The Intersection and got to meet this guy and his beautiful wife. Since then, they have come out to SO many of our shows and their support and encouragement has been endless. Thank you both, Rick and Elizabeth! 

Austin, TX - I played the Modcloth IRL in Austin, TX and rocked my world.

But first, Torchy's Tacos. Tacos in Texas might be my new favorite thing. Torchy's was phenomenal and I ate way too many tacos (if there is even such a thing).

Oh yeah, my Breedlove and I got to do a Modcloth photoshoot before my show. I was on CLOUD 9. Modcloth is one of my very favorite clothing brands. 

I still can't believe that this happened. 

Grand Rapids, MI - Speaking of surreal moments, I also got to meet and have a conversation with my hero, Mr. Garth Brooks. I was writing a review of his show in Grand Rapids, MI for Local Spins. We chatted, we laughed, we fist pumped. He is the best. It was the best.  One of these days I'm going to open for's gonna happen. 

Seriously, one of the best moments of my entire life. How often do you get to thank one of your musical heroes for being your musical hero? Life, man. 

Grand Rapids, MI - Got to hang out, chat and play some music with these two on their radio show - Behind the Mitten. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They've been following my music for a long time and it's always really wonderful catching up with them. Thank you, John Gonzalez & Amy Sherman! 

Goshen, IN - Had the HUGE honor of getting to play a stage/venue I'd wanted to play for a long time. Ignition Music in Goshen, IN is a GEM. I really hope to get to come back and play that stage again soon! It was doubly awesome because I got to share the stage with my supa talented friends, Shiny Shiny Black. Big thanks to them for having us! (also, you should check out Shiny Shiny Black's music because they are phenomenal). 


Rockford, MI - Played a real fun show at Rockford Brewing Company right before summer got all sorts of crazy. I hadn't played in Michigan in a while and it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces. My friend, Eric Stoike took this photo and it was featured on Local Spins. He's captured a ton of moments for us over the years. Check out his work with On The Run Photography

Battle Creek, MI - We played the Cereal Festival and it was SO HOT. We actually played two outdoor shows this day, one in the morning in Battle Creek and one later that evening in Detroit right outside of Tiger's Stadium (longest day ever). These guys were troopers all day. Look at em' looking all cool like it's not 100 degrees outside. :) 

Lexington, KY - Justin just couldn't hack two days of playing wineries in Kentucky...this was only a few hours in, poor guy. Gonna have to train him on wine drinking during this upcoming tour I think. 


Our road dawg, Bob, joined us in Lexington and drove ALL the hours the entire time there and back and in-between. We had to drive through the night to make it back in time to play Sunday afternoon in Michigan. What a guy! 

Lexington, KY - Talon Winery

Holland, MI - We played a new concert series and it was so fun! Did I mention how much y'alls support means to me? It was so nice seeing a ton of familiar faces at this show AND meeting so many new people. :)

Walker, MI - MEET N' GREETS ARE MY FAVORITE. I absolutely love getting to meet all of you at shows! 

Wyoming, MI - What a homecoming show this was! I looked like this the entire time because I couldn't stop smiling. For an hour and a half you guys sang my songs back to me, danced your faces off and clapped and cheered like crazy. Such a great night! 



...and I love meeting you and getting to hug you and getting to hear your stories at my shows. It's sincerely one of my VERY favorite things about getting to tour and play my music live. Thanks for coming over to say hello, thanks for forming lines I can't see the end of, thanks for picking up my album at shows this summer and thanks for letting this be my life. I can't say that enough, ever. 

It means the world to me. 


Lowell, MI - You never disappoint. What a night! 

So many of you guys. All the feeeeelz in my heart. Thanks for sharing that show with us! <3

Smiles all the dang time. :)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 




Milford, MI - Had one of our most fun shows this summer playing the Milford Summer Concert Series. 2,500 people (felt like the entire town) came out to spend their night with us. It was the warmest welcome and a blasty blast of a show!



This girl has been listening to and supporting my music ever since I was releasing garage band recordings on my myspace page (thanks for sticking around through all of those terrible recordings, by the way). Casey, you are a peach and I am so thankful for you! Thank you for still coming out to shows and for your encouragement all of these years! It was so nice to see you! 

Evart, MI - Played up in Evart and got to see the whole fam damily! This is my grams and gramps and they are the cutest ever.

Family over everything.

Rockford, MI - We jammed SUPA hard and it was RAD.

What a great night! Thank you to (what also felt like) the entire city of Rockford. xo

Sparta, MI - Sparta Days was so fun!

Allllll the Jamzzzzz.

Got to share the bill with one of my best pals and favorite dudes! T'was fun sharing the stage again, Steve Rivers!

Cadillac, MI - Got to visit and play my tunes and my single, 'Sweetheart' at one of my very favorite radio stations, 96.7 The Bull. Love them and the fact that they've been spinning 'Sweetheart' since it's  release. THANKS GUYS!! xo

Cheboygan, MI - Played the Cheboygan Summer Festival. Awesome night AND we got to see our friends at Big Country 102.9. Thanks for the love y'allll!

*Side-note - Justin played lead guitar that night and ruled.

He also crossed the Mackinaw Bridge for the first time.



Grand Rapids, MI - Played the Taste of Grand Rapids, with William Michael Morgan and it was SO VERY HOT. We played some hot shows this summer, but I think this one took the cake. Good thing it was so much fun. :)

Gladwin, MI - I got to give away some tickets to our show with Kelsea Ballerini & Chris Lane at the Clare County Fair live on air with 103 Country and it was the best!

Harrison, MI - Oh yeah, I got to play my hometown county fair and open for Kelsea Ballerini & Chris Lane and it was TOTALLY RAD.

What an awesome, awesome night!

I love you guys. You made our night.

It was fun meeting you guys all night. Thanks for waiting in long lines to say hello. I loved hugging you all! <3

I hope you guys don't care that I steal the pictures you post on my Facebook Page and use them for my blog. :)

So fun you guys! I wish I could post all of the pictures y'all shared on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Unfortunately, there would be no room left on my blog. But please know that I would share every single one of them if I could! xo

Right before we hit the stage at the Clare County Fair. JAM SQUAD.

The BIGGEST THANK YOU to McGuire's Chevrolet in Clare, MI for our backstage hang. I can't say thank you enough for taking such good care of me and the band, guys! 

Speaking of chillin' backstage...totes just hangin' solo on the bus...typical.

Chris Lane and his band and crew were so great to us. We loved hanging out with them. Hope we can all play another show together soon! 

Lansing, MI - We shot the Grand River Studio Sessions this summer in Lansing, MI. Awesome day getting to share songs from "Little Games" and the stories that go along with them.

Lansing, MI - Justin and I pulled a double header playing and chatting on LLC Radio in the morning and then...

Grand Ledge, MI - We played Grand Ledge's Summer Concert Series later that night and were blown away by all y'all's love. Thank you for the warm welcome! Hope we get to come back and play in Grand Ledge again soon! 

Detroit, MI - We played The Arts, Beats and Eats Festival and R Photos captured some cool shots during our show. Thank you for sharing them, John Reasoner! 

Justin Eames.

Brian V.

Thanks for the love R Photos and thanks for everyone who came up to chat with us after the show and took my album home with them. It was really nice getting to meet you all! 

Really like these people. <3

Nashville, TN - Managed to fit in a couple shows back home in Nashville too! Got to play this one at Two Old Hippies with some of my favorite people. Brian Donkers (Who co-wrote "Sweetheart" and "One More Hit" with me), Steve Rivers (who co-wrote "Two To Be Lonely" with me)...and of course Justin, who just has to hang out with me all the time. :)

Also, a lot of people always end up asking so I'll just let y'all know now, I play a Breedlove Guitar and it's my absolute favorite. 

These guys are some of the most talented and genuine people and I am blessed to create and make music with them. 

Lowell, MI - We wrapped up summer playing some fun shows. One of them was the Lowell Park Party! Loved this event. I hope this is something that they bring back every year. :)

Grand Rapids, MI - We also got to stop into one of our favorite stations to hangout, play and chat with one of my very favorite people, John Sinkevics and WYCE Radio! Thanks for always playing and supporting my music guys. 


Grand Rapids, MI (ArtPrize) - We wrapped up summer with a show on the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, MI for the ArtPrize Blue Bridge Festival. What a cool show! We were stoked to be invited to play this festival and I sincerely hope this festival is a part of ArtPrize in Grand Rapids every year. It was a blast and such a rad event! 

First time playing on a bridge. 

Eric almost fell off said bridge. 

Luckily, no one actually fell off the bridge. 


Every time I post one of these summer wrap blogs I always think three things.

1. Holy smokes that was a long blog (thanks for reading if you're still here, by the way.)

2. How did we fit all of this into one summer?

3. How lucky are we that we get to play all of these fun shows and hang out with you guys?!

Seriously. These are just SOME of the moments. If I posted pictures from every show, y'all would have stopped reading a looooong time ago. Summer is such a crazy blur while it's happening. I'm really glad I started this blog a couple years ago and I can look back on these moments. Sometimes when I'm in them and everything is moving at such a fast pace it's kind of hard to appreciate everything while it's happening. Making sure I take time to appreciate and live in moments more is something I am really working on and have been working on for some time. It's nice to have this blog as a reminder of how cool life is. 

Thanks for allowing me to make moments worth remembering, guys. I'm so grateful for the summer we had and honestly, every year every tour gets better than the last. It makes me feel like the luckiest person alive and I'm pretty stoked to see where this next season takes me. 

Thanks for reading, guys. 

Nothin' but love. 

xo - Kari