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it takes two to be lonely, two hearts to start a fire...

Hi y'all!

Waaaaaay back in October (2016 even!) Justin and I went on a two month cross country tour. It was an awesome, awesome tour. We met so many wonderful people out on the road, got to play music for tons of new folks in some supa sweet places and got to see some of the most beautiful parts of this country. What a life!

There were so many cool moments captured, fun adventures and stories to share that I had to split the Two To Be Lonely Tour into FOUR blog posts. Two months, over 10,661 miles on the road, 15+ states, 32+ cities and 33 shows is A LOT to cover.  So today you're getting part one. Parts two, three and four covering The Two To Be Lonely Tour will be coming attcha over the next few days.


If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (user name karilynch) & Twitter, then you've seen some of these pictures, you got to see what was happening on tour in real time and really most importantly, you got to keep up with all my SUPER HILARIOUS jokes on the road (lucky you). here's the rest. :)

Herrrrre we goooooo. 

We left for tour on October 19, 2016 and our first show was at Uncommon Ground in Chicago that night. Uncommon Ground is a real cool and intimate venue. It was great because Justin has a lot of family and friends in the Chicago area who all came out to the show. Chicago family and friends were apparently "busy" that night


*jk guys

All joking aside, we really enjoyed the venue and it was a great start to the tour. The night even ended with an impromptu a capella version of "Angel From Montgomery" with our good friend and fantastically talented Chicago based musician and songwriter, S. Joel Norman (check him out by the way y' it.)

First show of the tour.

just give me one thing, I can hold onto...

The next morning we headed to Michigan City, IN to play a lunchtime show at The Michigan Rotary Club. The show was at The Lubeznik Center for the Arts. It was a beautiful room to play and what an absolutely lovely and warm crowd those folks were. They fed us a super tasty lunch and tons of folks took home CD's. Thank y'all for that welcome! 

That night we continued onward to South Bend, IN and played a special acoustic set at The Cops and Doughnuts Dainty Maid Precinct. For those of you who don't know, I grew up in Clare, MI which is also the hometown of the world famous Cops and Doughnuts establishment. Al White and Greg Rynearson are great friends of mine. They are the kindest and hardest working guys and they truly deserve all of the success that Cops and Doughnuts as seen over the last few years. So, if you get a chance to stop in to a Cops and Doughnuts bakery near you, do it, and definitely get a cream filled me. 

The next night we played one more South Bend show at Chicory Cafe, which is easily just one of my favorite places to play. We shared the stage that night with a good pal of mine, Chris Kang. Chris is a super talented singer/songwriter from South Bend and has a new EP coming out this June! 

Chris Kang opening the night. 

In addition to the South Bend folks in the crowd that night, we even had some Michigan pals make the trip to see our show. So cool that people take the time and make those drives to come see us play. It truly means so much to us. 

Just monkeying around with some of the locals after our show...
It got prrrrrretty wild...
I mean, talk about some crazy monkey business, ya know!
Yup, those South Bend locals sure are a bunch of Chimps off the old block, if ya know what I mean...

Ok, I'll stop. 


From South Bend we headed to Rock Island, IL to play one of the most unique and interesting venues I've ever played called, Rozz Tox. This was actually our second time playing at Rozz Tox and when I say unique and interesting, I mean that in the most positive meaning of those words. Rozz Tox is a totally eccentric listening room that focuses on Artist's originality. It's always a joy to play there and share my songs with people who come to listen to original music. 

Always making friends with the locals. Ran into the Blue Brothers in Rock Island...they weren't too talkative, surprisingly. (I can go all day guys...).

                                        I see you Illinois.

Adventuring before the show. 

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed to Springfield, NE to play at Soaring Wings Vineyard. I also had played this venue before on my previous tour and I was dang happy to be back. Soaring Wings is set on a beautiful vineyard and we got a gorgeous day to play outside. Can't think of a whole lot of things that are better than drinking wine, playing music for a wonderful crowd and drinking wine...oh yeah, I already said that. You get it. :)

This part of the trip was also cool because we met up with our friend, Matt Gabriel and shared the bill with him for that show. If y'all remember, Matt and I toured together last Spring for the Sticks and Stones Tour. It was neat to join forces again for this show. 


From Nebraska we headed to Wyoming. Wyoming was a first for us and I'm so happy it was a part of this tour because it is BEAUTIFUL. We also had our first whole day off in Wyoming so we actually got to head out and do some exploring. Man oh man, I already can't wait to go back. 

Point of Interest. 

We started the day with a tour of the historic Wyoming Territorial Prison - Famous for housing outlaw, Butch Cassidy. It was cool walking around and reading about all of the prisoners and the offenses that put them in jail. Things sure were different. Justin was obsessed with the "broom making" portion of the tour. Prisoners worked making brooms while in prison and you can visit the site and watch an entire video on how to make the brooms (Justin watched the whole thing). It was a pretty neat start to the day!

Ok, now you're just showing off, Wyoming.

Justin being epic.

So pretty. So cold.

On the advice of the locals, we decided to visit Centennial, WY. Holy smokes was it beautiful.

Justin being even more epic.

Justin being the most epic yet.

We met an older fellow while we were out hiking and he took this photo for us. He said, "Well y'all need a photo together in this beautiful place." 

I tried my hand at that whole looking "epic" thing too. Meh.


Centennial, Wyoming folks. I'm not sure what the population is, but I CAN tell you that they have the best dang pizza at their local bar.

Wyoming, you pretty thing. 

Adventuring so hard. 

Our show was the next day and it was cool because we had met some local folks on our day off and they ended up coming out to the show. We all hung out for a bit afterward. One of my favorite things about being on the road is meeting so many new people. It's a blast when we are in one place long enough to make a couple new friends and experience the town a bit. 

We went to a cool bar called The Library after our show. "Don't lie to your mom...tell her you're at the library." 


At 4am (yes...4am) the next morning, we made the 10 1/2 hour trek to Great Falls, MT to play at Mighty Mo Brewing Company. At about 7am we pulled off in 'somewhere' Wyoming and promptly locked our keys in the car. 


I was so tired I could barely even comprehend the situation. After a solid hour wait and $80 dollars later, we were back on the road and back in business. Having to pay for a locksmith to come stick a door hanger through your window and unlock your car for you while you're out on the road and counting every dollar was not my favorite thing in the universe. But, it's all part of the adventure and though my 7am, 3 hours of sleep, very tired self could not deal when it happened, I'm glad Justin handled that catastrophe and we were able to laugh about it later. 

Good times. 

This was the longest day ever and thank goodness the show at Mighty Mo Brewing did NOT disappoint. It was honestly one of the best shows we played all tour. The crowd was fantastic and so incredibly welcoming and the staff at Mighty Mo Brewing were just awesome to us. We truly wished we could have stayed longer (next time), but after that show we had to hit the road for yet another 3 1/2 hours, which made our driving time that day 14 hours with a one hour catastrophe and a three hour show. How did all of that fit in one day? I still don't know. But huge thanks to the folks in Great Falls, MT for making it all worth the drive. :) 


The first week of the Two To Be Lonely Tour was packed with a lot of beautiful sights, a lot of good people and A LOT of driving. Even after writing all of that just now, it seems like way to much and way to many places to fit into one week. It's really crazy how fast time goes when you're out on the road. 

The next blog post will cover our time spent in Washington (oh I have SUCH a huge crush on Washington y'all) on the Two To Be Lonely Tour. I hope you've enjoyed following along so far! 

Oh yeah, by the way, I decided to have a little fun with the blog posts for the Two To Be Lonely Tour since there are going to be four of them and I like fun games. So, you'll want to pay close attention to each post because I'm going to have a fun trivia question at the end, after part four. (really, it's just an excuse for me to give away a prize, because I really like giving you guys prizes). 

Stay tuned! Thanks for reading y'all! 

nothin' but love

xo - Kari 

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